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So I've been playing this game for a bit (Have over 20 hours played) and decided to check the credits out. The game has some great voice acting and I wanted to see who did it. I didn't really know anyone from the list, but I decided to watch it all the way through and was treated with a video for one of the support items Vigor Chug. It's a pretty amusing video and something that I don't think many people will see. The good news is someone thought the same and posted it on YouTube. Here's the video:

Also hoping Brad sees this because he likes all the animations they play for how to use a weapon/gadget.

Edit: Credit goes to SaveandQuitvideos for the upload to YouTube.

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Haha, awesome. Thanks for posting this up man, I don't want to miss any of these videos.

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Ha ha, believe it or not, i went to check that out, before i even played the game, it was awesome!!!

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Nice to see this kind of crazy in the game, hope that they do more of it in future games/expansions. Now I just need to see the older arcade games that they talked about on one of the bombcasts that are in the game (still low rank so not sure if it's something to unlock or hiding in the game somewhere in the background).

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@fox01313: You can find the arcade games in the carnival stage. There's an actual arcade area there that has a bunch of what looks to be classic Midway arcade games.

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