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    Gothic II: Night of the Raven

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Aug 21, 2003

    Expand the world of Gothic II and find out what happened to Raven and his gang. Explore a new part of Khorinis and learn more about the ancient race that lived there!

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    Night of the Raven integrates into the main storyline giving you a secondary quest to complete alongside the main one.

    People around Khorinis are disappearing and it seems the newly arrived pirates on the west coast might have something to do with it. A previously inaccessible part of the island can now be reached through an archeological dig supervised by the water-mages, a very old temple left by an ancient people that has long been lost to the ages. On the other side of the mountain you find a variety of new landscapes including a "North American"-looking desert as well as dense jungle. Old 'friend' Raven has set up shop here and a large part of the new quest consists of infiltrating his rag-tag band of criminals and rising to the top Darwin-style to have a word with the man himself...

    The water-mages can teach you to learn to read the script of the ancients, allowing you to learn and improve your abilities from the various writings you find scattered throughout the region.


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