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A remarkable atmosphere that suck's you in, despite the flaws. 0

Gothic 1 was among my favorite rpg's when it cam out. I thought it was really good, with full voice acting, a big world and multiple paths through the game. It was like Daggerfall, unfortunately, too much like Daggerfall. It was drenched with bugs that made it almost unplayable at times. Gothic 2 did improve on the bugs, but that’s about it. So let’s start with what people moan about the most, combat. It is extremely complicated, and if you don't read the manual, you are heading into deep water...

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Not a perfect game, but it gives a perfect experience 0

Gothic 2 is one of those games which can easily find a well-deserved place among your most favorite games ever if you play it properly. it has so much care and attention in it's whole design and small and big details that I can hardly name any other game for comparison. One of the best things about Gothic 2 which sometimes made me appreciate developers with all of my heart is the perfect connection with the first Gothic. actually, the plot starts exactly thirteen days later after the events of G...

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A wonderful game 0

Gothic 2 GoldDeveloper: Piranha bytesPublisher: Jo WoodRelease: October 28, 2003 in North AmericaGenre: RPG, SandboxRating: MPlatform: PCDRM FreeEnter a rough and dark world full of dangerous monsters and uncaring people forced to fend for themselves. Where almost everything will kill you and survival is slim. Prepare for a long journey to save the land from a great evil that will destroy all in it's wake. Can you survive this epic journey?Gothic 2 is a part of the Gothic series with 5 sequels a...

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