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    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Nov 23, 2001

    Gothic is an open-world action RPG that revolves around an unnamed prisoner and his journey through lands contained in a magical barrier. On his journey he stumbles upon monsters, wizards, camps with lawless men and strange sects.

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    Gritty European fantasy 0

    Good talk.Your first encounter in Gothic is a human fist. This neatly sets the tone: You are thrown into a colony of prisoners, a valley surrounded by a magical barrier; no living thing can get out. Before your sentence a man gives you a letter which he tells you must reach the High Fire Mage... When the barrier was created something went wrong and its creators were trapped inside with the prisoners. In this moment of confusion the convicts took over and killed all the guards. Now the king must ...

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    A Great and Individual RPG 0

    Gothic is an older game and much underrated. The story pulls you straight in and you really want to get that guy who beats you up at the start. But first it is survive and the monsters are very hard at the start.  Best to avoid them!  (But, hey, what's the save game for anyway!) levelling up is a good feeling and the skill points you gain need to be spent wisely. There are numerous paths you can take through the game and this gives it a great deal of replayability. However, all paths lead to ...

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    A CRPG to praise for all of the eternity 0

    PROS: -Gothic has one of the best and more importantly non-cliche story lines in RPG history. It's not the good guy killing the bad guy or save the world kind of thing. Actually, the main aspect of the story is very simple. A king is trying to get ore to make weapons for fighting his enemies ( orcs ) and sends criminals to a magically protected penal colony with resourceful mines to prospect ore and the main hero of the game is one of them. People in PB used this simple background in the best wa...

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