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Gra is one of the youngest nations of Archanea, formed even after Aurelis, Macedon, and Altea. After the hero Anri passed away, some villagers disagreed with the idea of Anri's brother Marcelus inheriting the throne. These villagers succeeded from Altea, and formed their own country on island of Menedy. Despite the hostile relationship, Gra maintained a friendly alliance with Altea, and the two countries remained firm friends and allies.

When the Shadow Dragon Medeus was revived, Altea and Gra marched together against the Dolhr army. While the battle remained a stalemate for sometime, King Jiol of Gra ordered his men to attack the Alteans, and the long standing alliance was ended.



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The avaricious king of Gra, he desires more power and wealth. At the outset of War of Shadows, King Jiol betrayed his ally King Cornelius of Altea, and helped Medeus take over Archanea. With the Alteans defeated, Jiol led his army into Altea Castle, and prepared to capture Prince Marth for Medeus. When it seemed as if Marth was in his reach, Jiol was fooled and instead captured a decoy, sent to allow Marth to escape capture. Two years later, the Archanean League attacked Gra, and a weak and bitter King Jiol was killed in battle.


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Jiol's estranged daughter, she became Queen after the War of Shadows. Sheema was raised in Archanea, being kept far away from her father who didn't care about having a daughter. Being raised away from her homeland, she had no fondness for Gra, but was soon forced to become queen when Emperor Hardin appointed her as queen. Despite her attempts at being a good queen, Sheema could not deal with War of Heroes and the pressure from Archanea, and slowly the kingdom began to unravel. When the Altean army arrived in Gra, Sheema allied herself with them and then journeyed to the battle with Medeus. After the war, she gave control of Gra to Marth, and became a noblewoman of Archanea.


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A wandering mercenary, Samson offered his services to Queen Sheema. During the War of Shadows, Samson resided in a village in Altea which had a feud with the village of the Altean paladin Arran. When Prince Marth visited his village, Samson offered his sword to Marth, and accompanied him on the journey to slay Medeus. In the War of Heroes, Samson became a supporter of Queen Sheema. Samson saw a hidden strength in Sheema, and offered his sword even after Sheema ran out of money to pay him. After the war ended, Samson resided in Archanea with Sheema.


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A soldier in the Gra army, he guarded the Altean port during the invasion of Altea. A proud commander, the Captain wanted to be the one to capture Prince Marth, and engaged the young prince in battle as he fled the country. Despite his best efforts, he was killed by the Altean army, and Marth was able to flee to the small island nation of Talys.

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