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    Grace Mars

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    Grace Mars is Ethan Mars' wife and is mother to both Jason and Shaun Mars. She is modelled after and voiced by Ginnie Watson.

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    Heavy Rain

    Grace first shows up in Heavy Rain walking into the house with bags of groceries in preparation for Jason's birthday party. Whilst she is preparing lunch for the family, she asks her husband, Ethan (the player) to lay the table for her. During this time, the player has the option to embrace Grace and see the sole romantic exchange between the two characters. Directly following this scene, the family go out to the mall together. Upon arrival, she kindly asks Ethan to occupy Jason while she takes Shaun shoe shopping. When she and Shaun eventually meet up with Ethan again, she finds out that Jason has gone missing. She sends Ethan to go look for him. By the time Ethan catches up to Jason, he runs across the busy road outside the front of the mall and ends up getting hit by a car. Grace and Shaun watchon in agony as both Jason and his father lay together in the road. She runs out to them, screaming Jason's name.

    Following Jason's unfortunate death, Grace and Ethan seperate. Both parents share custody of their only remaining son Shaun; Ethan see's him during the week, and Grace gets him during the weekends. Ethan eventually loses Shaun in the park. The next scene with Grace involved is at the police station with Ethan. The detectives ( Jayden and Blake) inform Grace's ex-husband that they will find Shaun one way or another. Ethan walks off towards the entrance of the police station and tells Grace what's going to happen. Grace proceeds to ask him if the police think it's at all possible that the Origami Killer could be behind this kidnapping, to which Ethan informs her that it's certainly a possibility but it's a little too early to say. Grace blames Ethan for both losing Shaun and letting Jason die, which she immediately takes back moments later. The scene concludes with Grace mourning the loss of Jason. Further on in the game, Grace returns to the police station and tells Carter Blake about Ethan. She tells Blake that Ethan came home one night talking about drowning bodies and rain water. Grace believes that Ethan could be the Origami Killer. She then begs the detectives to find her son before anything happens to him.


    • If Ethan dies during any section of the game, both Grace and Shaun will be seen by his grave for a short while.
    • Grace will also appear if Ethan gets arrested, and Shaun lives. When Ethan is finally released, Shaun and Grace will be waiting for him. She will then leave the father and son to reunite.

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