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    Gracia Hosokawa

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    Daughter of Mitsuhide Akechi and wife of Tadaoki Hosokawa. Born with the given name Tama, she eventually converted to Christianity and took the name Gracia as her Christian name.

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    Gracia (ガラシャ, "Garasha") Hosokawa, originally Tama Hosokawa, was the daughter of Oda officer MItsuhide Akechi during the Warring States era of Japanese history. She married Tadaoki Hosokawa, and is notable for her religious conversion to Christianity during an era when the religion was outlawed in Japan. She took the name Gracia as her Christian name following her baptism.

    In June of 1582, Gracia, still known as Tama at this time, was put in a difficult spot; her father Mitsuhide staged a coup against their lord, Nobunaga Oda, resulting in Nobunaga's death. Mitsuhide himself was killed in battle at Yamazaki during a clash with forces led by Hideyoshi Toyotomi mere weeks after the coup. To keep her safe, Tadaoki had Tama live in hiding until 1584, as which point she moved to the Hosokawa family estate in Osaka. It was while living at the estate that Tama was introduced to Christianity by one of the maids in her service. She was baptized as a Catholic and took the name Gracia.

    Gracia died in 1600 when Mitsunari Ishida attempted to take the Hosokawa family captive. She was killed by a retainer, Shousai Ogasawara, and the entire household committed suicide shortly thereafter.

    In Video Games

    Samurai Warriors

    Gracia makes her first appearance in the Samurai Warriors series in Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends. Her depiction in the game is that of a free-spirited, if naive young lady that wishes to see and experience the world. She strikes up a friendship with Magoichi Saika, whom she playfully refers to as "Mago". Her weapons are magical bracelets that she uses to strike opponents and produce shockwaves.


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