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 Gradius ReBirth is the latest installment in the long running series of shooters that span a variety of platforms, and the first game in Konami's ReBirth series of games. Released through Nintendo's WiiWare service, Gradius ReBirth is a downloadable title priced at 1000 Wii points ($10) featuring a variety of levels from previous installments, as well as online leaderboards.


 Like previous installments, ReBirth tasks you with navigating various enemy filled environments by shooting everything in sight. And as always, you can upgrade your ship in various ways via the "Power Meter," by using capsules that enemies drop upon vanquishing them.  

The available upgrades are:
  • Speed Up: Increases the speed of your ship, the Vic Viper.
  • Missile: Gives you missiles that allow you to attack ground-based enemies with ease.
  • Double: Fires multiple cannons simultaneously.
  • Laser: Replaces the cannon fire with a laser.
  • Option: Gives you a small orange ball that follows you ship, and adds extra firepower. Up to four of these can be obtained.
  • ?: Gives you a shield that protects you from enemy fire for a limited number of hits.
The bosses, considered to be one of the highlights of the series, are all new (unlike the levels). The way to defeat these foes is to "shoot the core," which the game reminds you to do at the beginning of each battle. Bosses may change behavior or physical appearance after a certain amount of damage has been dealt to them.


 ReBirth features two modes: A standard single-player mode, that gives you unlimited credits (also known as, continues), and; Score Attack, which gives you only one credit to beat the game with. This mode also the only one to feature leaderboards.


 Priced at 1000 Points when released in the US, Gradius Rebirth costs only 600 points when released in Europe.

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