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    Graffiti Kingdom

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jul 28, 2005

    Graffiti Kingdom is an Action-RPG in which the player can draw his own characters to defeat the many creatures in the game.

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    The followup to PS2 titleMagic Pengel: The Quest for Color, Graffiti Kingdom improved upon the original's monster creation system, but also changed the gameplay format entirely. Where Magic Pengel was a turn-based RPG, Graffiti Kingdom is an Action-RPG with heavy Platformer elements, with players directly controlling their Doodle creatures instead of issuing them commands.


    Prince Pixel with Pastel on his back
    Prince Pixel with Pastel on his back

    Young prince Pixel discovered a magical wand, lost in a cave. That wand(which resembles a paintbrush) could bring anything drawn with it to life. While toying with the wand's abilities, Pixel inadvertantly unleashes an ancient Devil that was sealed inside the brush long ago. The Devil decides to rebuild the world in his own image, and rule over it as king. Prince Pixel, with his trusty box-dog sidekick Pastel, set off to stop the Devil from taking control of the world, using the power of the magic brush wand and a variety of player-designed creatures.


    Graffiti Kingdom's gameplay is relatively simple, being an action-platformer intended for children. Where the game shines, however, is the Doodle system- players simply draw shapes in 2D, and the game brings them to 3D and animates them. While this was present in Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color, Graffiti Kingdom's use of the system is very different from that original game, and expands upon it significantly by adding more colors, finer control over the drawing methods, improved 2D-to-3D conversion logic, and a number of new types of bodyparts that Doodles can possess, including wheels and jet engines.

    Players take control of these Doodles to progress through the game, fight enemies, solve puzzles, and collect more colors, brushes, and part types, to make more powerful or specialized Doodles with.


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