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    Gran Turismo 5

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Nov 24, 2010

    Gran Turismo 5 is the fifth edition in the long running racing game series by Polyphony Digital. The game sports over 1000 vehicles, damage modeling on race cars, a dedicated television channel, lots of races, 16 player online multiplayer, and active weather.

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    A Mixed Bag of Brilliance and Failed Execution 3

    Gran Turismo 5 is really a hard game to wrap your head around. At times it's a gorgeous-looking showpiece of a game with the most precise car physics model available (on a game console) - and incredibly fun. Unfortunately, there are other times when the game is littered with odd design decisions, needlessly complex menus and loose ends that were clearly never completed. It's odd that a game that took this much time has so many aspects of it left incomplete.  First, The Good Given the right circu...

    18 out of 20 found this review helpful.

    Perfected Driving, Broken Game 10

    Kazunori Yamauchi is a bold man, he's the beast of a Mercedes SLS-AMG that no one expected to race onto a track, and like the times it's a complete work of art, while at other times it's a complete broken mess.  He brought that philosophy over to his latest opus, Gran Turismo 5, and like the SLS-AMG it's trapped in a twisted time warp that tries to blend the near futuristic with the sublime past that even shadows no longer roam.     Upon booting up Gran Turismo you'll be required to...

    27 out of 35 found this review helpful.

    High Expectations 2

    Now here's a game with about the highest expectations of greatness before release ever. With over 5 years of waiting, many of us have been counting the days, rescheduled release dates, and blog postings, just dying to play it. Racing games in general are so highly picked apart and compared to one another, and this one was in no doubt at the top of the list of scrutiny. Forum after forum of Forza fans and GT fans battled it out for years now, and was it really worth it? Is the game good on it's o...

    12 out of 15 found this review helpful.

    A Huge disappointment for this long time GT fan 1

    As you can tell from the title and my rating, this is not going to be a positive review. (ya think?!?) But let me start off with THE one thing; the one EXTREMELY IMPORTANT thing, that GT developer Polyphony Digital got right: the driving physics. I cannot overstate the importance of that or its quality. If you are a sim-physics crazy person like i am, you know the giddy warm fuzzies you can only get from turning all the driving assists off and feeling the FAIR, but PUNISHINGLY REALISTIC driving ...

    6 out of 8 found this review helpful.

    4 years...I guess it would be tedious to license 1000 cars 3

    So this game has been brewing here for some ungodly number of years. I'd be fine with that if I thought that they actually used that time to work on the gameplay or the graphical prowess of the game more. But it seems their real hurdle was wrangling all the myriad of cars you theoretically can drive in this game.   Ok, let's start there, 1000 cars right? Well, sort of, the thing you have to understand about that is that when you're playing the game there's no static list for you to choose from,...

    6 out of 13 found this review helpful.

    A Masterpiece In Awful Design 0

    It boggles my mind that a game notorious for being meticulous when it comes to the presentation and recreation of cars can suffer so badly from some of the worst menus I've seen in gaming.I'll prefix this by saying; the racing part of this game, it's fine. It's Gran Turismo. If you've played one of the others the handling will feel completely familiar. If you're only used to arcade racers, it might take a bit of adjusting, but it plays fine.Everything else that the racing is packaged inside of? ...

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    Even with its shortcomings, GT5 is still one of the best 0

    If you ever had an interest in racing for real, chances are you are familiar with the Gran Turismo series. This franchise of games has continually pushed the lines of how close a simulation can imitate reality. That has been their mission since the first Gran Turismo game graced the original PlayStation all those years ago. Now decades later and 3 iterations of that Sony hardware, we finally get Gran Turismo 5, the true driving simulation experience in high definition. Polyphony Digital has work...

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    Detailed in a bad way... 0

    So let's start off by addressing the hype for this game, it's a major factor. Some say the massive hype means a lot of people are setting expectations too high for this game, 5 years is a long time though and this game deserves to be judged on the amount of the development time and opportunity it was given. In that respect, it is not good.  The game is massively detailed but in all the wrong places,  -1000+ cars when only about 40-50 are actually interesting, what is the point of citroen 2cv's a...

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    It's finally here 0

    Gran Turismo 5 is a hard game for me to review. It's been 5 years and I've been incredibly patient, surprisingly the wait was still worth it.  This game is flawed. It's not the cohesive package I'd like it to be, but where it matters it is unmatched. Gran Turismo has always strived for something that no other racing series has and because of that unique experience it's kind of hard not to enjoy if you're a fan.  But that's just it, if you're not a fan of Gran Turismo, GT5 is not going to change ...

    3 out of 7 found this review helpful.

    Game of the year 0

    Pure fun. That's the short story.   GT5 has been a long time coming - was the wait worth it? Boy, was it ever. It has been a great year for games, no matter which type of gamer you are, but it's painfully obvious that one game stands head and shoulders above all else. That's GT5.   I'm not going to be too long winded about it. There are problems with the game: the UI is, to some, cumbersome, the graphics may be a bit inconsistent at times, some might even critique the music in the game. That's a...

    1 out of 15 found this review helpful.

    The Real DLC 0

    If you're buying the complete pack of GT5 DLC, this is what you're probably really in it for. The detailed real-life Francorchamps course is a delight to race on (though I'm not a fan of driving in rainy conditions, it is available for this course and somebody must like doing that I guess). The Kart Space I and II are almost exactly the same track, with II simply having one less corner to worry about, but the course is colorful and cool to look at, like an unusually cool roller rink, basically. ...

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    woah what a ... 4

    oh wow what a piece of shit i mean the shadows wtf is this 1995 ? TErrible game for an overated system 0 out of 0 music>  no techno and trance than a san fran night club gameplay: good  untill the game breaks apart with terrible shadows graphics: 2d treed 2d people horrid enviorments...

    0 out of 28 found this review helpful.

    The Real Driving Simulator is Still There, Not Everything Else... 0

         After numerous delays throughout the Playstation 3's lifespan and adding every much detail to a car as possible to deliver the perfect driving experience to some, Gran Turismo 5 is finally here. It is a long road for Polyphony Digital working on such an ambitious game, but its expected from them considering their pedigree from the franchise that changed the racing genre. Since the last main entry in the series, Microsoft and Turn 10's Forza Motorsport series has been the new standard for si...

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    One-Use Paint Chips, but Plenty of 'Em 0

    You may realize that unlike the other DLC that was released at the same time as this pack, the paint pack can be purchased multiple times. Why is that necessary? Because these are just like any of the other paint chips in-game, one-use only items that you can't even preview before applying them permanently to a car. For this reason, it's a very frustrating DLC package. But there are tons of colors included, and given the low price, this may still be worthwhile if you're just looking for that new...

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    What Is and What Should Never Be...Again 0

    The first Gran Turismo title on the current generation of home consoles carried high expectations. Previous titles had set the high mark for console racing sims for both quality and sales success. GT's success no doubt spurred the creation of a competing series on Microsoft hardware, the entirety of which (3 games) has been released since the last major GT title. Gran Turismo's past success and the long development time of the fith title created an anticipation for quality the game failed to del...

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    Who Actually Cares About Racing Gear? 0

    Does anyone actually need new racing gear? It's only $3 for a fairly wide selection of new outfits, and the real-life WRC and NASCAR ones are pretty cool, but given how rarely one can actually see themselves in their outfit, what's the point? Not worth spending real money on, but another decent addition to the complete DLC package....

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    My Complete Review 0

    IntroductionTo me the best racing game is one that offers the best racing experience on the track and that lets you really drive how you want to drive pushing your and the cars limits.I'm a huge moto-racing fan, in particular F1 because it gives you the chance to see the best drivers in the world drive the fastest cars in the world around the best circuits in the world. I've been playing and enjoying racing games all my life, and in fact my first ever console game was the original Gran Turismo (...

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    Eight Dollars? 0

    As a part of the complete DLC package, these cars are a welcome addition, but on their own, not at all worth eight dollars. The Red Bull X2011 Prototype '11 is certainly exciting, but the '10 prototype awarded to celebrate Vettel's championship recently (for free) is almost the same vehicle, just a little slower and a little less Batmobile-ish. The remaining cars are three Go-Kart variants that don't really add much, and a load of more or less boring Touring Cars that blend together after a whil...

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