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Gran Turismo 6 is the best racing game for people new to the series but is it for GT vets? 0

GT6 is essentially an updated, retooled version of GT5. It has a much better interface, much better load times, much better car models and more tracks. They also removed the insane and horribly implemented levelling system and have replaced it with a star system, so instead of getting XP for winning or doing well in races you now earn up to three stars per race.The game also starts you off with a race right before you can do anything, this is actually pretty great because before GT games have si...

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Looks nice, doesn't drive nor sound nearly as nice. 0

I've held off reviewing this game for as long as I did because I wanted to spend time with both GT and other, proper sims, to build what I think is a comprehensive list of things to compare between the "sim" that GT is, and proper sims like rFactor and Assetto Corsa.Starting with UI, I think they've made an improvement over prior GT titles. Things are organized a bit better, menus are relatively straight-forward and you don't have to do much digging to get to things. In races, it's a bit of a di...

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It's definitely gran turismo, but something is wrong. 0

Gran Turismo 6 review for PS3 by Dorian B.So gran turismo 6 is out and it’s … not finished. Not that i can expect any game to be finished when updating a game couldn’t be easier on today’s consoles. Well that fact aside let’s talk about the game.In short GT6 is good nut don’t get it now! Why? Let’s start with the bad stuff that ruins the overall GT6 experience.-The used car dealership is gone, and there are two sides to this, good and bad, good is that you don’t have to play forever to make a c...

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