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    Gran Turismo 6

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Dec 05, 2013

    The sixth entry in PlayStation's flagship racing series, Gran Turismo 6 hopes to bring a better, richer driving experience, including 1200 cars and new features like improved car personalization.

    baldgye's Gran Turismo 6 (PlayStation 3) review

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    Gran Turismo 6 is the best racing game for people new to the series but is it for GT vets?

    GT6 is essentially an updated, retooled version of GT5. It has a much better interface, much better load times, much better car models and more tracks. They also removed the insane and horribly implemented levelling system and have replaced it with a star system, so instead of getting XP for winning or doing well in races you now earn up to three stars per race.

    The game also starts you off with a race right before you can do anything, this is actually pretty great because before GT games have simply done nothing to explain them self’s and simply left you to explore an array of complicated and deep menu’s hoping you’ll work it out. Not so in GT6, GT6 steps you though buying a car and doing a race, it’s simple but pretty great for people jumping into the series.

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    Elsewhere though GT6 feels exactly like GT5, just a lot easier. The races are set up in the same way they always have, you have (in this case) six classifications Novice, B, A, iB, iA and S. Novice is unlocked from the get go and within each classification there are a set of races and challenges that are usually locked behind a star count, so get 5 starts to unlock the next race etc. Once you have enough stars you’ll gain access to the licence test for the nest class. It’s a simple system but it works great and in GT6 thanks to the stars system, it works better than it ever has before. It’s really a joy to finish the game, and again once you have enough stars you’ll unlock the Good Wood challenged and eventually the Moon Missions.

    Over-all the structure of the game is very similar to GT5 and previous GT games, the only real complain though is the number of events and the level of challenge thrown at you. The game is easy, really really easy. I play using a PS3 controller and I managed to gold every single event (bar the Coffee Break missions which I’ve not done many off). In previous GT games that was something I found very difficult to accomplish, especially the licence tests, this might be the first GT game I’ve ever Gold’d every since licence test. In fact the only race/challenge that is difficult is the Shifter Kart series in iA, something that makes the jump to S seem like a step down in difficulty.

    Another problem that plagued GT5 that seems to have continued in 6 is the AI, it’s pretty terrible. While it’s better than GT5’s they still have no regard for any rules that could ever exist (even in Touring Car series) and will constantly take you out with rear taps, barge you into walls and break check you at nearly every chance they get, its infuriating because in the high up races you want to be able to race and you can’t because as long as you know the track, you just drive around the AI.

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    Polyphony Digital seem to be more than aware of this though and so races are basically set up with the notion that the other cars are simply obstacles to over-come… which if the case is pretty sad, but also begs the question, why then aren’t you rewarded for using worse cars and beating them (something that did exist in the GT5 seasonal events)?

    Graphically the game is gorgeous and run’s really smoothly, there are some frames dropped here and there and some odd graphical glitches but they are few and far between and don’t take anything away from the game.

    With all that in mind I had an absolute blast playing GT6, it was one of the first GT games were I didn’t feel frustrated at anyone other than myself for. For my money it is the best made GT game possibly ever (though time will tell). It has an insane amount of cars and tracks to race them on and while it’s currently lacking in content, DLC has been announced and dated so I guess only time will tell.

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