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    Gran Turismo

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Dec 23, 1997

    Polyphony Digital's seminal racing simulator for the PlayStation.

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    Gran Turismo was produced by Japanese based studio Polyphony Digital and published in Japan in 1997. It went on to become one of the most successful console racing games ever made.


    At the time of release, many PC racing games featured realistic, simulation style handling but there were few such titles for systems like the Playstation. Gran Turismo was one of the first games to bring a realistic style of car physics and handling to a home console. This was made possible by the increased computing power brought about by the Playstation generation of hardware.

    The player competes in competitions to earn money, which is then spent on new vehicles or upgrades to already purchased ones. A competition consists of a number of discrete races, and depending on a player's finishing position a trophy is awarded. In addition, more mundane changes were possible, such as changing a vehicle's wheel design or oil. These changes remained available in later Gran Turismo titles as well.

    The game features 178 cars and 11 race tracks including two real world locations. It also featured a robust car modification system that allowed players to upgrade their car's performance in a number of key areas:

    • Engine
    • Exhaust
    • Gearbox
    • Aerodynamics
    • Weight

    License Tests

    Grand Turismo included a unique tutorial to introduce players to the style of driving necessary, which was unusual in console racing games at the time. The player was required to earn "Licenses" in game, in order to unlock more advanced races. The licenses (B, A and International A) are each achieved by completing eight sections of increasing difficulty, which serve to introduce driving techniques and ensure players are proficient enough in them to pass. These license tests were completed with varying trophy grades depending on the finish times. Gold trophies are by far the hardest to attain, but completing a license with all gold trophies tends to unlock a reward car which can be kept and used in races. Typically the Silver times proved challenging, though Bronze was the minimum that could be achieved.

    Car Manufacturers

    The original Gran Turismo featured mainly Japanese cars, with a few big-name brands from the US and UK:

    • Acura
    • Aston Martin
    • Chevrolet
    • Dodge
    • Honda
    • Mazda
    • Mitsubishi
    • Nissan
    • Subaru
    • Toyota
    • TVR

    The range of cars in the game is broad, hatchbacks, wagons, sedans and sports cars all being available for use, though the more eclectic brands such as Dodge and TVR only featured high-end automobiles. Depending on the game's region (eg. NTSC and PAL), the cars contained may have different information. For example, Acura appeared only in NTSC copies of the game, while it was listed as Honda in PAL copies. This was due to the fact that Acura is not marketed in European regions, acting as Honda's American division. Some of the cars are limited only to Arcade mode instead of Simulation Mode, while some of the cars in the game simply are not meant to be seen for various reasons.

    Another key example of the manufacturers and regional differences is with the Toyota GT-ONE Le Mans car. In PAL copies the car features a red and white livery with the Esso branding running across it. In NTSC copies the Esso branding is replaced with Exxon, though the other decals present on the car remain constant. Minor differences like these can be noted in the game throughout.



    • Starlet Glanza V
    • Corolla Levin BZG
    • Sprinter Trueno BZG
    • Celica GT-Four
    • Mark II '92 Tourer V
    • Mark II '92 Tourer S
    • Chaser Tourer V
    • Chaser Tourer S
    • Soarer '95 2.5 GT-T
    • Soarer 2.5 GT-T VVT-i
    • MR2 G-Limited
    • MR2 GT-S
    • Supra '95 SZ-R
    • Supra SZ-R
    • Supra RZ
    • MA70 Supra GT Turbo Limited
    • JZA70 Supra Twin Turbo R
    • AE86 Corolla Levin GT-APEX
    • AE86 Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX


    • Fairlady Z ver.S 2 by 2
    • Fairlady Z TwinTurbo 2 by 2
    • Fairlady Z ver.S 2-seater
    • Fairlady Z ver.S TT 2-seater
    • R32 Skyline '89 GT-R
    • R32 Skyline '91 GT-R
    • R32 Skyline GT-R Vspec
    • R32 Skyline GT-R Vspec II
    • R32 Skyline GT-R NISMO
    • R32 Skyline GTS-t Type M
    • R32 Skyline GTS25 Type S
    • R32 Skyline GTS4
    • R33 Skyline GTS25t Type M
    • R33 Skyline '95 GT-R
    • R33 Skyline '95 GT-R Vspec
    • R33 Skyline GT-R
    • R33 Skyline GT-R Vspec
    • S14 Silvia Q's
    • S14 Silvia K's
    • S14 Silvia '95 Q's
    • S14 Silvia '95 K's
    • S13 Silvia '91 Q's 2000cc
    • S13 Silvia '91 K's 2000cc
    • S13 Silvia '88 Q's 1800cc
    • S13 Silvia '88 K's 1800cc
    • Primera '90 2.0Te
    • Primera '95 2.0Te
    • 180SX '95 Type X
    • 180SX Type X
    • 180SX Type S


    • Pulsar '91 GTi-R
    • GTO '92 SR
    • GTO '92 Twin Turbo
    • GTO '95 SR
    • GTO '95 Twin Turbo
    • GTO '95 MR
    • GTO SR
    • GTO Twin Turbo
    • Galant VR-G Touring
    • Galant VR-4
    • Eclipse GT
    • FTO '94 GR
    • FTO '94 GPX
    • FTO GR
    • FTO GPX
    • FTO GP version R
    • Lancer EvoIII GSR
    • Lancer EvoIV GSR


    • Mirage Asti RX
    • Mirage '92 Cyborg R
    • Prelude '93 Si
    • Prelude '94 VTEC
    • Prelude
    • Prelude SH
    • Civic Sedan
    • Civic 3-Door
    • Civic (racer)
    • del Sol '93 S
    • del Sol '93 Si
    • Civic '91 CR-X Si
    • Civic '93 3-Door Si
    • Civic '93 Sedan
    • Accord Sedan
    • Accord Wagon
    • NSX '91
    • NSX '93
    • NSX
    • NSX Type S
    • NSX Type S Zero
    • Integra GS-R
    • Integra Type R


    • E unos Cosmo 13B Type-SCCS
    • Eunos Cosmo 20B Type-ECCS
    • Lantis Coupe 2000 Type-R
    • Eunos Roadster '89 Normal
    • Eunos Roadster '90 V-special
    • Eunos Roadster '92 S-special
    • Eunos Roadster Normal
    • Eunos Roadster V-special
    • Eunos Roadster S-special
    • FD Efini RX-7 '91 Type-R
    • FD Efini RX-7 Type RZ
    • FD Efini Rx-7 Type RB
    • FD Efini Rx-7 Touring-X
    • FD Efini Rx-7 A spec
    • FC Savanna RX-7 GT-X
    • FC Savanna RX-7 Efini III
    • Demio GL-X
    • Demio GL
    • Demio LX-G package


    • Alcyone SVX Version L
    • Legacy Touring Sedan RS
    • Legacy Touring Wagon GT-B
    • Legacy '93 Touring Sport RS
    • Legacy '93 Touring Wagon GT
    • Impreza WRX-Sti Type-R
    • Impreza '96 Sedan WRX
    • Impreza '96 Sed. WRXSti vIII
    • Impreza '96 Wag. WRXSTi vIII
    • Impreza '95 Sed. WRXSTi vII
    • Impreza '95 Wag. WRXSTi VII
    • Impreza '94 Sedan WRX
    • Impreza '94 Wagon WRX

    Aston Martin

    • DB7 Coupe
    • DB7 Volante


    • Viper RT/10
    • Viper GTS


    • Cerbera
    • Griffith 500
    • Griffith 4.0


    • Camaro Z28
    • Corvette '96 Coupe
    • Corvette '96 Grand Sport


    • Autumn Ring
    • Autumn Ring Mini
    • Clubman Stage Route 5
    • Deep Forest Raceway
    • Grand Valley Speedway
    • Grand Valley Speedway East
    • High Speed Ring
    • Special Stage Route 5
    • Special Stage Route 11
    • Test Course
    • Trial Mountain Circuit

    Upgrades and Tuning

    Polyphony's racer has an extensive level of simulation and physics emulation. This allows for a robust tuning system, making it possible to adjust or even completely overhaul a car's handling and power. Dependent on what upgrades are installed, a car's characteristics may be altered in a multitude of ways. From ride height and tire composition, to gear ratios and boost timings, Grand Turismo had no parallel on consoles of the time.

    Music List

    1. "Autonomy" - Cubanate
    2. "Industry" - Cubanate
    3. "Oxyacetalene" - Cubanate
    4. "Skeletal" - Cubanate
    5. "Everything Must Go (Chemical Brothers Remix)" - Manic Street Preachers
    6. "High" - TMF
    7. "Lose Control" - Ash
    8. "Sweet 16" - Feeder
    9. "As Heaven is Wide" - Garbage

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