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    Grand Knights History

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Sep 01, 2011

    A turn-based fantasy JRPG developed by Vanillaware.

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    Grand Knights History is a turn-based JRPG for PlayStation Portable, developed by Vanillaware. Marvelous Entertainment published the game in Japan, where it was released September 1, 2011. XSEED was to release the game in North America, and Rising Star Games was to publish the game in Europe. However, on May 1, 2012, it was anounced that XSEED's localization was cancelled due to Vanillaware not having the resources to perform a localization while they focus finishing Dragon's Crown.


    Party formations will affect the characters' performance.
    Party formations will affect the characters' performance.

    The player gets to create a party of four from scratch, choosing between three classes (archer, knight and magician) as well as a variety of voices and looks, and siding with one of three countries. The player then has to take on a variety of quests on behalf of his country of choice, travelling the land and opening up new areas in the process.

    The game's battle system is turn-based and plays out on a grid. Characters can be placed in one 20 different formations, affecting their performance in various ways.

    If the player chooses to connect to PlayStation Network, he can aid his country in an online war by battling other players to take over or defend various territories. When a group of players win a battle, they get to vote on what territory to attack next. It is possible to make one's characters participate in the online war using artificial intelligence, in which case they can fight even while the game is turned off.


    The game is set in Rystia, a fantasy world where the three kingdoms Logress, Union and Avalon are waging war against each other. Logress is an ancient kingdom led by king Fausel, Union is a kingdom of knights led by king Leon, and Avalon is a kingdom of magic led by queen Muse.


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