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Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City 1

 I actually played these as downloaded content for Grand Theft Auto IV rather than on a separate disc, but there's not much of a difference besides an alternate selection of radio songs and it's a bit too substantial to shove onto a DLC post, so... I'm doing this. What was most interesting about these two episodes was the way they tied into Niko's story from GTA IV and wrapped up loose ends from that story. Johnny Klebitz and Luis Lopez are both characters that appeared or were reference...

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Double The Liberty City Fun 0

GTA: Episodes from Liberty City combines Johnny and Luis' story together one disc for those that may not have GTA IV anymore, or have enough space to download the Episodes. 40 bucks will get you roughly 20+ hours of that great GTA gameplay, and some new modes and tweaks to the games multiplayer. Since Many have already played The Lost & Damned, I'm going to start with the Ballad of Gay Tony.   Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony  Although the title may suggest you play as Tony Prince...

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Fun Additions to GTA 4 0

Rockstar Games developed both the games that released in this two game set.  This is an interesting package because it contained two pretty long games on one disc. The first game being The Lost and Damned and the second being The Ballad of Gay Tony. I'm not going to get into too much detail on the plots to these games, so to keep a long story short, in The Lost and Damned you follow a biker named Johnny Klebitz and in The Ballad of Gay Tony you follow a man named Luis Fernando Lopez.  The gamepl...

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New sides of Liberty City 0

GTA: Episodes from Liberty City puts the two downloadable episodes "The Lost and Damned" and "The Ballad of Gay Tony" together in one disc release. You will take on the roles of Johnny Klebitz, member of the biker gang "The Lost", as well as Luis Lopez, body guard and errand boy for night club owner Gay Tony Prince.  Cmon baby, Shake those..... ehmm, arms? In The Lost and Damned, you are the Vice President of biker group The Lost, acting as president until the recently released from prison B...

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The Lost and Gay! Brought to you by Sprunk. 0

The Lost and Damned    Review score-4.5/5   Johnny after probably waking up on the wrong side of the wrong bed.Peace and Prosperity be damned!The motivation behind seasoned bike, Johnny Klebitz's moral ridden stride through life.Johnny is the rough, tough and unhygienic Vice-President of The Lost Motorcyle Club.With their fearless, and probably fear inducing, leader incarcirated. Johnny took the position to lead the gang to reliable financing and in a life of harmony, sort of, with truces abo...

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Great addition to the original game 0

While The Lost and Damned is rather serious, grounded in reality and echoes many of the themes from the TV show Sons of Anarchy, The Ballad Of Gay Tony is a collection of more lighthearted and crazy moments.Both pieces of additional content offer a fresh look at the city, its inhabitants and even let us replay some of the missions from the main game from a different perspective.The missions are mostly fun and exciting and the new characters are totally nuts.Very recommended to anyone who wants m...

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Best 30$ game(s) ever 0

       The add-ons for GTA IV is on disc, are these two stories good enough to become games of their own.           Positive: Fantastic VisualsSoundtrack is recent and newIntense missionsCool new vehiclesUpgraded weaponsNew locations to exploreMore Customization Interesting TV shows on the GAMESome more Funny moments and CharactersVoice acting is perfectLevel design just as good as everExplosion After ExplosionAction PackedGreat Storylines as usual         Negative: If there are any to small to ...

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Two great additions to GTA IV's template 0

The Ballad of Gay Tony The Ballad of Gay Tony gives players the chance to experience Liberty City in an all new light. The opening scenes use of colour and upbeat tones thematically setting this game apart from both GTA IV and The Lost And Damned in immediate fashion. Its blend of visual flair- swaggering, no-nonsense protagonist Luis complemented with its synth, electronic pop music backing track. This is an upmarket, high class, neon-lit Liberty City focused on its night life a...

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Worth buying for Ballad of Gay Tony alone. 0

 If you play this double DLC pack in chronological order, that means you'll be taking on The Lost & The Damned first. Which is unfortunate because the first DLC add-on is a bit of a chore to get through. The well-worn GTA gameplay is recycled, for better or worse, in a no-frills crime story of headbanger biker gangs fighting for turf and battling egos. It's a humdrum storyline with generally unlikeable characters and oftentimes tedious gameplay that lasts around eight to nine hours without o...

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Twice the destruction 0

Episodes of Liberty city became the first DLC's for the Grand theft auto series. The first game was called The lost and the Damned and the second was is called The Ballad of Gay Tony. The Lost is like Sons of Anarchy for Grand theft Auto., it has violence, drugs, and of course, killing. I liked this game a lot even though it was a short adventures story. It had a lot of cool challenges and many different characters. The Ballad of Gay Tony had a different spin to it but it the same enjoyable vent...

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GTA: Corrupt me harder 0

Having recently blasted through a bit of gorgeous mid-00's nostalgia replaying San Andreas, and with the release of GTA V glinting in the distance like the eyes of Lindsay Lohan stumbling, stoned towards traffic up the I-88, it seemed like a good time to finally catch up with GTA IV's two downloadable episodes. I was never a great advocate of GTA IV in the first place, but I'd heard these two half-games cure all of the vanilla badness. And what I'd heard was correct, they really do improve on th...

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Cool Weapons, Awkward Stories 0

I won't be long; after all, I may have replayed GTAIV this past spring but its story nuances are already mostly lost to me, especially when it comes to some of the minor characters that make a return here. I can't speak to how cool it is to see the other side of these various missions, other than it being fun to take on the museum again from Johnny's end and interesting to take in how intimidating Niko Bellic's presence can be when you're on the other end of the dock standoff as Luis. Most of th...

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