Pop up problem in Gta 4. Has anyone found a solution

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I recently bought a new xbox 360 arcade cause my old premium cooked the bucket. I found out because mine has a benq drive there is a serious issue of roads textures people all popping up 5 mins after I stop my car.  I have a hard drive. I've cleared it's cache but my xbox is still being a jerk. Luckily my last premium made it through the game, but man I wanna play more of the game and also that DLC is coming.

Has anyone found a solution for this??

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#2 Posted by oddWord (23 posts) -

Nevermind I borrowed a freinds copy and it works great. My disc is too scratched up I guess. Damn

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#3 Posted by DSHIZ (52 posts) -

one way i solved the pop ups is just know where most of the pop ups happen and drive slow around there

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Such a shame when your Xbox cooks the bucket

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Never had taht problem

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