Where Next For GTA?

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#1 Posted by Alex_V (651 posts) -

I'm guessing that the next few releases will follow the same pattern as the GTA3 set - perhaps a Vice City and a San Andreas. But I have to say that having played each of the last 4 GTA games, I don't think I could play another without some significant changes - it is just getting a bit too familiar. Would you buy the next GTA if it is just a new main story, city and missions and some minor cosmetic changes? I don't think I would. I'm expecting the next 'expansion pack' to be more wacky and less realistic, and I don't think I want that from a GTA game - here's hoping they come up with something original for the next release.

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#2 Posted by xplodedd (1379 posts) -

I don't think there is a need for GTA5, simply because the 4 engine is still good, so yeah.. they probably gonnna go to vice city or something

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#3 Posted by Joru (314 posts) -

I'd really like to see Vice City or Las Venturas in the GTA4 engine, especially VC since I think they could look and feel amazing with the great graphics and physics. I wouldn't mind them doing a new city either, those guys really know how to make a great atmosphere.
I would still buy it if it was just GTA4 with a new city and missions, simply because I think the gameplay and engine are brilliant but I think R* won't just do that, if you play GTA3 then VC and then SA you can clearly see that they aren't just new cities and missions every time, they do alot to the gameplay and the overall experience. They added lots of new side stuff to do, made the combat, driving etc feel better and so on and I don't think they'll stop improving just because what they have now is propably the best action adventure free roaming engine ever.

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#4 Posted by Termite (2428 posts) -

I think the next game is going to use the GTA4 engine for sure

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#5 Posted by Brucie (136 posts) -

What about the DS game "China Town Wars"?

Lol it's gonna suck

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#6 Posted by DA_SHREDDER (4 posts) -

What Houser said,, is that GTA games arent getting any smaller, so the next installment of GTA will be on the ps3 exlcusivley.

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#7 Posted by Alex_V (651 posts) -

I'm sure whatever they release it will sell well. And GTA4 rocks, it really does. But I think I'm done - new city and missions, and perhaps the return of real estate and the gym just wouldn't be enough to keep me interested.

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#8 Posted by stucket (283 posts) -

they making Chinatown war...for the ds,which like Brucie said,its aint gonna be great,i mean a GTA needs a good running platform,not some game with graphic quite hard to run on....but i have to agreee,If they used GTA 4 engine on the next GTA game,With New cars,New map,AND BETTER MISSION,i would be interested.

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#9 Edited by FoolInjection (242 posts) -

Yeah I agree with Joru.  I would love to see them return to some previous cities, specifically Vice City as it was probably the smallest of the 3 or rather to me it felt the smallest.  I would imagine though they would bring it up to date and to a modern version of Miami rather than stay in the 80's.

Here's my other thoughts though.

DO - A 1970's version of GTA in say San Andreas to make it like Starsky & Hutch or the Streets of San Francisco TV shows.  The 80's theme for Vice City was awesome in my opinion and to do something in the 70's, fill it with awesome 70's rock music and tons of car chases through back alleys.  I think that would be awesome and I think the 70's is about the only time period they COULD go to as if you go too far back you end up in Mafia territory.

The Forth Bridge
The Forth Bridge

DO - A version of GTA but set in a completely different city.  Somewhere in Europe perhaps ?, Rome ?, Paris ?... Glasgow ? remember these guys are Scottish and they put the Forth Bridge into GTA San Andreas. I think a European city would mix it up a bit.  Most of them don't run on a grid system like in the USA and if you pick somewhere in the UK you'll have to contend with driving on the left-hand side of the road.

On the flip side however...

DON'T - Take the series into the future... FOR THE LOVE OF GOD... NO!.  I know that GTA II was set in a futuristic setting but not in 3D.  It'll end up looking like something out of the Fifth Element or that old game B-Hunter.  I'd hate to see them do this.  I fell out with the Battlefield games when there latest incarnation in the PC went to 2142.

DON'T - Do another San Andreas with hefty leanings on Gang Warfare.  Having to go around and claim territory was so annoying in GTA San Andreas.  Specially when I spent AGES re-claiming Los Santos only to have it all fall back into the hands of the previous gangs when you get ran outta town into the back woods.

So yeah that's what I think they should do with GTA.
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#10 Posted by Alex_V (651 posts) -

I think a futuristic version of GTA would be awesome, as long as it retained the same satirical approach - I think that idea rocks personally. I just don't see how a 70s GTA or a European City GTA (they did do London way back when) would introduce anything new to the gameplay - it would be like the GTA we know only not as good.

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#11 Posted by Shade (121 posts) -

Going to vice city would make the most sense, but who knows. I wouldn't mind continuing Niko Belic's story further. If I'm going to buy another grand theft auto, there need to be drastic gameplay changes. The combat in GTA4 didn't cut it for me - seemed very glitchy and awkward too often, and the auto aim system killed it for me. Graphical improvements wouldn't hurt either, I mean gta4 looked nice, but the graphics were a little rough around the edges. I realize that this is hard to change given the sandbox environment, but I think it can be improved on a little bit. That's not to say I didn't enjoy gta4, I did, but it's not without it's problems and I don't think it's perfect.

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#12 Posted by FoolInjection (242 posts) -
Alex_V said:
"I think a futuristic version of GTA would be awesome, as long as it retained the same satirical approach - I think that idea rocks personally. I just don't see how a 70s GTA or a European City GTA (they did do London way back when) would introduce anything new to the gameplay - it would be like the GTA we know only not as good.

Thing is though, there isn't anything wrong with the gameplay of GTA IV as it is.  Its finding the right setting with enough interesting stuff in it and an interesting storyline that will always draw you into a GTA game.

The thing about GTA games I've always liked is that they have always been grounded in reality.  Thats why when I got San Andreas and was finding myself infiltraiting Area 51, stealing jet packs and harrier jump jets, I was like "This has gone a bit far".

I think it would be REALLY difficult for them to pull a future one off.  But say Europe, make it like National Lampoons Euro Vacation where they just poke fun at the Europeans.  I think that would be really funny and something that they COULD do.
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#13 Posted by toseph (391 posts) -

I'd love to see a Vice City or London remake

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#14 Posted by FrankRising (24 posts) -

It is going to be a little while until a new Grand theft auto game is released. I don't even think there will be a new Grand theft auto. Just seems Like 4 might be the last one....For awhile at least.

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#15 Posted by Gnome (151 posts) -

I want more open environments.  Driving on the desert roads and flying over Chilliad Mt. were the things that made San Andreas so special for me.

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#16 Posted by Arsenal99 (31 posts) -

Would love London especially as Getaway 2 was canned

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#17 Posted by stAtic (1636 posts) -

A PC version of GTA IV.

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#18 Posted by fraser (549 posts) -

At first i thought that returning to Vice City would suck, but the more i play GTA4 the more i want it in Vice City again. I'm not sure if they'd do it in the 80s setting, which kinda made the game, because then it would be TOO similart to Vice City with the 3 engine, but i also think that a modern day, gritty "realistic" Vice City wouldn't be as good.

So i'd probably like a European one, possibly in the 60s again.

Would they ever create a game that isn't based on a real city?

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#19 Posted by L (1766 posts) -

I have a feeling they may do Vice City as an expansion to this game and maybe something new altogether for the next game. Hopefully London (even though it was done in 2D) next time.

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#20 Posted by Lairdo (539 posts) -

Id like it to be set in Vice City, in the eighties......good times...

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#21 Posted by error11 (80 posts) -

Vice City!

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#22 Posted by xFRIGx (84 posts) -

I really would like to see some modern updated versions of the previous cities, however I would believe them not to be 'big' enough. When you compare Vice City to Liberty City, the size difference is obvious. In reality look at New York to Miami, yes they are both interesting but New York is much bigger in scope; not only in square miles. However, if the next one could be anything, I would really like to see Grand Theft Auto 4's engine map out a satirical representation of London. If the fans are true the diversion from America should not bother them that much. Even though I am not English myself I would definitely like to see it. The only problem with moving to another country, such as England. Is the fact that gun control is extreme there. And the underground system seems a little far fetched by comparison. You would need to do a little more then walk into a back alley to find a gun. But I digress. I would still love to see previous locations. But instead of San Andreas I would live to see Los Santos or  San Fierro or Las Venturas, one completely mapped out and detailed. Not three small cities with miles of backcountry. 

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#23 Posted by oraknabo (1735 posts) -

I'd like to see one similar to IV set on the Texas/Mexico border with a couple of cities - one representing somewhere like Tijuana where you start the game as a Mexican and you have to cross the border and make it in another new fictional city that combines Austin, Huston and Dallas. In the big city, you have the option of doing boring, backbreaking menial work for small pay -like in Shenmue 2- or get involved in crime, occasionally needing to send money back home across the border. You can be involved in border runs to bring more Mexicans over or get deported if arrested at certain wanted levels.

I think this idea is both appropriate to the GTA series and timely in terms of content. It would also allow for a San Andreas-like experience from the GTAIV engine.

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#24 Posted by ExtremeBlade (37 posts) -

I'd love to visit San Andreas again. I didn't too much care for Vice City to tell you the truth. The gritty feel that GTA: SA had was just priceless... not to mention some very strange (goofy) moments. GTA IV is my favorite in the series but San Andreas isn't too far behind.

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#25 Posted by Alex_V (651 posts) -

It seems that from most of the replies here, most people would be happy with a retread of the Vice City and San Andreas games. I hate re-treads.

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#26 Posted by FoolInjection (242 posts) -
Alex_V said:
"It seems that from most of the replies here, most people would be happy with a retread of the Vice City and San Andreas games. I hate re-treads."
But I think that stems from the fact that now that they have the new engine and stuff that they used for GTA IV and the awesome job that they did retreading Liberty CIty...  people are like thinking now... wow what if they went back and did Miami or LA.

I have the feeling that retreads will be what they end up doing with the franchise anyway... like I think they can only retread it another once now they have this new 3D engine anyway.  I don't see how they could make it any more realistic than it already is looking at Liberty City.  As much as I REALLY want a European one... Vice City and San Andreas here we come.
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#27 Posted by tec3297 (1258 posts) -

 I think that Chinatown Wars will be interesting, I dont't know how they will top GTA IV for the consoles, but I think a GTA on the DS is just what we need.

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#28 Posted by Babble (1276 posts) -

I would like to see some form of San Francisco, or even somewhere international the most likely being London.

These might not obvious next choices but I can hope.

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#29 Posted by oobs (355 posts) -

Want to see what happens with Niko pretty much..setting doesn't really bother me

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#30 Posted by Artie (869 posts) -

[quote]DON'T - Do another San Andreas with hefty leanings on Gang Warfare.  Having to go around and claim territory was so annoying in GTA San Andreas.  Specially when I spent AGES re-claiming Los Santos only to have it all fall back into the hands of the previous gangs when you get ran outta town into the back woods.[/quote]
You never have to do Gang Wars until the very last mission in the game. And even then you only have to take over four territories.

Taking territories just made it safer, and you generated more money in front of your house. There was never an obligation to do any of it. And if you accidentally started one by killing four gang members, you could just leave. I really liked gang wars, and if they built on that system so you could make your own gang tags, gang cars, gang colors etc. That'd be a lot of fun. And if the AI didn't suck so much. That'd be a lot of fun, it'd still be optional of course. But it looks like Saints Row 2 is doing all this stuff first anyway.


I don't understand everyone's complaints about "awww this game is just the same thing over and over again." Yeah? Well that "same thing" is awesome. And GTA is probably more varied than any other series out there right now. I don't see what the justification is to forgive Halo, Call of Duty, Diablo, Gears of War, and pretty much any game that's ever had a sequel, but GTA gets so much flak. I'm not trying to say that we should hate those franchises I just mentioned, but come on people having the same perfected gameplay in another game, does not sound like a bad thing to me. And what else can you do with the GTA formula? In the end you're always going to be shooting at people, and driving around cars. That's never going to change, and there's never going to be some innovation in any franchise that revolutionizes that type of gameplay.

As for what I think the next game should do, I really don't know. In one hand I REALLY want to see how Vice City looks with GTA4 style graphics, and all the things they could bring to that city to make it feel more Beachy, as opposed to "Liberty City with Hawaian Shirts." But in the other hand, I sort of want to see a new city. GTA4 made sense because they never offcially did "New York City" before. Technically gTA3 was supposed to be, but there's not a single landmark in that game to let you know. It could've been Boston, or Chicago, or any other North Eastern city. I think a foregin GTA with american music and dialouge could be interesting. Maybe do some hilarious joke on the radio poking fun at how American Content is seen around the world. That could work I guess.  Some cities I thought of:

Tokyo: Would require drifting.

London: Right-side lane driving would have to be the standard. It's BASED on London, not London itself, alright?


Some German City


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#31 Posted by BeetusBeetusDiabeetus (14 posts) -
Babble said:
"I would like to see some form of San Francisco, or even somewhere international the most likely being London.

These might not obvious next choices but I can hope.
They already did that. San Fierro from San Andreas was based on San Andreas.

But to answer the question, I think they should go back to San Andreas and Vice City or go to a whole new city.
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#32 Posted by LuffyUzumaki (539 posts) -

i think all the other city's are gonna be DLC and new city will be in gta 5 or a new country

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#33 Posted by Player1 (4167 posts) -

They made a lot of reference to Vice City is 4. So I assume thats going to be te next city. Plus they took a step in the right direction with multiplayer. But it just wasnt polished enough to actually be good/ 

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#34 Edited by DualReaver (3791 posts) -

I'd really just love to see a Vice City remake. To me it feels like GTA was meant to be set in the 80's with it's music and clothing style. It all just feels very GTA you know?
Bah, It's hard to explain.  lol

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#35 Posted by Blu_Magic (2026 posts) -

London would be a pretty cool setting for the next GTA.

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#36 Posted by Napalm (9230 posts) -

GTA: Carcer City

It's coming - EVENTUALLY.

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#37 Posted by nobull6 (232 posts) -

What about adding some light RPG elements?  I'm thinking of a Mass Effect system with conversation trees and 'alignments' to good or evil.  That may be difficult to implement in such an open game, but Fable is able to handle that, so I have high hopes.

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#38 Posted by filmfan2001 (40 posts) -

European cities, Paris, Rome, London etc would be awesome with the GTA 4 engine. How the story would go is another matter. U could I suppose follow Niko Bellic back to his homeland and do something like that. Going through the various cities on the way.
But if, as I really think, they will do Vice City again I wouldn't be bothered. I loved it 1st time round.

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#39 Posted by Homer (1366 posts) -


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#40 Posted by PunkBeatz (39 posts) -

I think London would be excellent. While the series is unmistakably American, the Houser boys are British, and it would make a lot of sense for them to try things in a UK city.

London has a melting pot of nationalities akin to New York, it can be grim and seedy quite easily if it needs to be, and there's already a lot of organised crime that takes place there.

I'd be up for a new character as well - as great as Niko is, I don't think his character has a lot to expand into, only new settings to experience. R* should keep that American foundation with an American character starting a new life in London. There'd no doubt be some of the 'cor blimey guv'nor' crap that no one from England actually does, but I think Sam and Dan Houser have enough intelligence to show some of the real side of the UK too, not just the goofy pastiche stuff. 

I totally agree with Artie as well - the GTA gameplay makes the series what it is. There should be very little changes to the formula, but tweaks here and there are needed (targeting system etc.)

GTA Middlesbrough would be my ideal choice, but I can't see it happening :P

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#41 Posted by BiggerBomb (7011 posts) -

I've heard a lot of rumors about the next GTA taking place back in Vice City. Don't get me wrong, I loved GTA: Vice City (San Andreas not so much,) but I don't want to see the series simply recycling the same three cities for each generation of consoles.

I would love to see a new city with new characters. I love the city of Chicago and considering some of its history of organized crime, I think the next fictional city should be based on Chicago...

Go Cubs.

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#42 Posted by OGCartman (4330 posts) -

Aslong as a can roam around killing and running from the cops, im happy

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#43 Posted by bwooduhs (1682 posts) -

I hope Vice city and i really hope it sticks with Niko. At the end of IV  they didnt tie up his story so i want some closure,

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#44 Posted by Weskers_evil_brother (54 posts) -

The next logical step for GTA is for it to be set on Mars.

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#45 Posted by Phucking_dirty_chicken (56 posts) -

London, Vice City, or San Francisco (not a mini version like in SA)

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#46 Posted by nymets819 (197 posts) -

Las Vegas would be awesome. Go with the casinos and night life

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#47 Posted by xil3 (14 posts) -

personally I'd like to see Vice City. But not in the 80's. I want modern day Vice City.
That has a lot of potential for new gangs and visuals and style.
And I think they should do a Current San Andreas after that featuring the new Gangstas from San Andreas.
But relay, SA Gangsters haven't changed since the 80's. Still 64's and hydros.

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#48 Posted by Anthony_Gamer20 (11 posts) -
Alex_V said:
"I'm sure whatever they release it will sell well. And GTA4 rocks, it really does. But I think I'm done - new city and missions, and perhaps the return of real estate and the gym just wouldn't be enough to keep me interested.
I highly doubt they would release a new game with so few additions and improvements. People can rightfully bitch about the missions being repetitive - and for about 78% of the game, they are - but they do a pretty good job of adding quite a bit of new wrinkles to each expansion to make them feel quite distinct, just compare San Andreas and Vice City to GTA III

I actually put myself through quite a little brainstorming session about what I would like to see in a GTA V and wrote an article about it:

A week after its release, it's pretty much unnecessary to say anything about Grand Theft Auto IV. It's great, everyone loves it, everyone's addicted to it, and no one is going to read this because they're going to be busy getting drunk with Roman, jumping in a car, and effectively pissing off "the establishment." So rather than talk about GTA IV, let's chat about some possible ideas for Grand Theft Auto V.

I'm going to outline some ideas that could be interesting if they were implemented in GTA V. We must also keep in mind that probably none of these ideas will ever make it in a GTA game, and that Rockstar North has a very focused design which tries to keep what is quite a complex game very accessible to a lot of people. Therefore, some of these ideas may be too involving to incorporate if they make the game overwhelmingly complex for too many people.

Dialogue Trees

Grand Theft Auto games are some of the most immersive around, but there is something missing in the experience: choice. Freedom of choice is the philosophy behind open world gameplay like the kind pioneered by Grand Theft Auto, yet its storytelling is locked into a very set narrative. While the narratives are great, it almost seems anti-GTA to not give the player some power over the plot.

This can easily be remedied with the addition of a dialogue tree reminiscent of the RPG genre, with last year's Xbox 360 hit Mass Effect providing the model for how it should be designed. It should not be as deep as in Mass Effect since you can sometimes become lost in a sea of backstory, but should at least provide options during cutscenes that can change the outcome of the game.

Random Rival Family Hit

Do you remember the hit set up on Sonny Corleone in the 1972 classic The Godfather? If you do, then you have a pretty good idea of what I mean. The basic idea is simple. As you progress up the ranks of the organization you also become a more important figure. So it would be cool if sometimes other families would put a hit out on you that would be attempted while you weren't on a mission.

So let's say you're just cruising around whatever city in which GTA V takes place and all of a sudden a car swerves in front of you. You try to back up to get away and another crushes you from behind. Suddenly a van pulls up and two guys jump out and start firing away, blowing out the tires of your car and making it nearly impossible to get away without dueling it out. This would only happen once depending on your progression in the game and it would also only happen while you're not on a mission. It would have to feel completely out of nowhere to completely surprise you. This event would trigger an entire side story, rather than happen over and over. If it happened multiple times, it would kill the initial surprise and excitement of it.

Informants Among Your Friends

Grand Theft Auto IV really paved the way for giving your character a network of friends. While this may be in GTA IV for all I know (I haven't run into this yet), it would be great if while building your relationships with people you could become suspicious of their allegiances. If you become particularly worried about someone, you could call up your boss and request to have him kidnapped and interrogated.

If it turns out he's a rat, you could have him smoked. If not, then your relationship would go down big time and you would have to put in major work to repair it. The informants will be different for every player depending on how you develop your relationships and the choices you make with the dialogue tree. This way, it would be a dynamic experience for everyone and avoid the disappointment of knowing who the rats are because of some loud mouth on a message board.

Protagonist: Son of a Mob Boss?

I'm done with the rags to riches stories. They're fun and there's a logical progression, especially in gaming, to work your way up through a hierarchy, but I think the next GTA should work from a different angle. Rather than start from the streets, you should start from within the family as the son of a mob boss. It would certainly be a different kind of story, but there's also a lot of inherent drama in being the son of the don.

This is going to sound very similar to the Godfather, but imagine the conflicts with siblings and lower level "soldiers." Realize the potential drama in having meetings with your father about the "business," talking about potential rats, and offering suggestions and options using the branching dialogue trees. It could all make for just as interesting of an experience.

Let's Head to Colombia

But maybe we're tired of the Italians, Russians, and LA gangsters. Hell, what if we're even partially done with the United States. What if we take GTA overseas and set it in Colombia: the heartland of the drug trade. You would have to deal with corrupt government officials, other drug lords, and make runs to the United States to drop off shipments of cocaine.

There would certainly be plenty of new material to work with, not just from a narrative standpoint but from a gameplay one as well. Given the requirements of your job by comparison to those in the previous games, there could be a slew of dramatically new and interesting missions in the single player. It would make for a hell of a back drop.
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#49 Posted by MMMman (136 posts) -

I personally think the GTA series could have easily reached its high-water mark with IV. While I’ve been a fan of the series since the first instalment over a decade ago I feel there aren’t many more options left for the series in terms of innovation and progression of the gameplay. I rushed out release day and stood in the centre of at six in the morning to get my copy and I travelled home with a huge smile on my face and played it for nearly 24 hours solid with my buddies before I finally passed out and needed sleep.

This initial excitement was brought on by the countless number of ‘little details’ which litter the game and are so commonly known it is not worth discussing. However, once the drunken driving, deceptively shallow side missions and amusing physics engine, to name but a few, lose their novelty it becomes instantly clear; GTA IV is just a prettier GTAIII. Barring the undeniably enjoyable set-piece missions (such as the museum double-cross or the hospital escape,) the rest are re-hashes of missions we’ve played again and again over the years. One of my biggest qualms with IV was the high number of ‘travel to kill target at A, target flees in car/bike/boat, chase target to B, kill target’ missions which seemed to pad out the majority of the game. This was further hampered by the fact this iteration of Liberty City is so damn big that you spend much more time within missions driving around and chasing NPCs than in previous games, which is a shame because the new shooting mechanics make gunplay a lot smoother than it has ever been.

I feel the freedom afforded through the sandbox action game will ultimately prove to be GTA and the sub genre’s undoing; because there simply isn’t enough variety can be packed into the few staple mission types which have made up the series since its inception. So while you all clamour for a or a European game I’d prefer one GTA every generation with the possibility of DLC to tide gamers over every couple of years. That way the franchise would still stay fresh despite the fact the only changes made since 2001 are mostly superficial ones.  

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#50 Posted by inevpatoria (7113 posts) -
MMMman said:
GTA IV is just a prettier GTAIII"
And I am completely content with that, because III was, and still is, my favorite of the series.

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