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Get Your Motor Runnin' in Liberty City

Johnny Klebitz is in the spotlight for Lost & Damned
Johnny Klebitz is in the spotlight for Lost & Damned

The first few missions I played as Johnny Klebitz showed that Rockstar really know how to deliver engaging content. Grand Theft Auto: The Lost & Damned is set in Liberty City, but has a very different feel from the time spent there as Niko Bellic. In the beginning of the episode you are the vice president of The Lost, One of the Biker Gangs in Liberty City, and will spend a lot of time on 2 wheeled machines and thankfully motorcycles are more maneuverable than playing as Niko and are also integral to many of the new missions.

Team work is also a key feature in the episode. Most missions allow and encourage Johnny to call up some fellow Lost Biker members to help him out. Doing so will upgrade  these characters and also allow them to carry more powerful weapons.

Without giving too much away in terms of the story, expect to clash with a few biker gangs and various old and new characters that the Lost & Damned brings. Johnny in my opinion is less likable than Niko, but he does have a few caring characteristics which is why many believe him to be a great member and asset of the gang.
Lost & Damned contains themes of Loyalty, Respect, and Brotherhood. And also Sweet Rides!
Lost & Damned contains themes of Loyalty, Respect, and Brotherhood. And also Sweet Rides!

A nice addition to the episode is a slew of new multiplayer content. There's still the typical deathmatch and team-deathmatch, but there are many new modes including Racing on motorcycles with bats reminisce of Road Rash, and an cooperative mode where players must complete missions as a team and ride in gang formations.

Overall this is an amazing package and you'll definitely get your 1600 points worth if you enjoyed the great content that was in Grand Theft Auto IV.    

+New Additions to the arsenal of weapons found in Liberty City
+Easier Motorcycle Controls
+More Multiplayer Features
+New Engaging Story
+Nice cameo appearances from old GTA IV characters including Niko Himself

-8 to 10 hours didn't feel like enough time to me to tell Johnny's Story
-Download only content  that comes in at almost 2 gigs. It could have been a retail disc that those without hard drives could access. But when the Ballad of Gay Tony Comes Out, it will be on a disc titled "Episodes in Liberty City" for 39.99

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