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For better or worse it's basically GTA III 1

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories was a bad idea in 2005, because it gets rid of many of the features the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas had. You can't buy a bribe to get your guns back, the cars are too loose, there's no Helicopters or planes, and there's a distinct lack of weather effects. But if you've never played GTA:SA then I suppose this is a good start, just don't expect the experience to be amazing through and through.I suppose I should start by saying GTA: LCS ...

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A Horrible GTA Game 0

Grand Theft Auto. A Amazing series with many games under it's belt. GTA Liberty City Stories is the worst GTA or possibley the worst game ive ever played. Graphics are terrible and there are may collision issues. Gameplay is clunky and unintresting with the same missions over and over. Killing a rival of the mafia family your in or stealing a car. The free roam is fun as alyways killing random people and running from police. But the number of guns is limited to only about 10.. youve got basic sh...

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The return of "gangster" to Grand Theft Auto 0

The last installment of GTA was "gangsta." GTA: Liberty City Stories is the return of "gangster" to the GTA franchise. If you've played GTA III, LCS is very alike. For a budget price, it's a fun game, albeit a bit out of place in an industry that's advanced beyond the era of GTA III. As such, the gameplay seems a bit simplistic, and the graphics a bit bland. Nonetheless, it's still a fun game, and if you're a GTA addict (like myself), the bland graphics and simplistic missions structures are no...

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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories 0

A new GTA game for 20 dollars new sounds like a great deal, and it is if you keep expectations in check knowing that the location is a rehash and it's a port from the PSP. It doesn't have the oomph of a normal new GTA game, since you already know the city, few gameplay innovations are present, and the story and missions are slightly dumbed down for a portable system. It's still a lot of fun though just to be in Liberty City again. The storyline missions aren't as meaty as we're used to, but it's...

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Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories PSP Review 0

Like usually GTA games you play as a character doing these mission objectives like stealing cars, killing people, or protecting them as well as mini games and hidden objects in the game. Also you can wander around in the game. In Liberty City Stories you play as a Italian mobster named Tony who's part of the Leone Crime Family and has been in hiding after murdering a made man. You do missions trying to redeem yourself as you kill enemies of th Leone as well as hit men sent by his mom expecting ...

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Liberty City Stories Simply Doesn't Compare To San Andreas On PS2 0

 Welcome back to Liberty City, the worst place in America. You might remember that in 2005, PSP owners finally had the ability to play GTA wherever they liked thanks to GTA Liberty City Stories. LC Stories was an entirely new game in the series that had you play as Toni Cipriani who has had returned after serving Don Salvatore Leone a favour. As a prequel to GTA 3, you perform numerous missions to new and old GTA characters alike, leading to the eventual build up of GTA 3 itself and how e...

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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories 1

Liberty City Stories, for the PlayStation2, is a port from what seems to be a developing PlayStationPortable (PSP) franchise, with games inspired by and based from the Grand Theft Auto console games. In this particular spin-off you return to Liberty City, the well-known metropolitan area made famous in the GTA series' most revolutionist title, Grand Theft Auto III, for the PlayStation2. For those of us players who lack such a long-term memory, in Grand Theft Auto III you most of the time ran aro...

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