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A good installment in the grand theft auto series

I got this game almost a while back...Its not the best ( that has to go to Vice City ), but it is still a good installment never the less...This installment takes place in 1992 in the west coast-themed state of San Andreas. It too is an island that contains of three cities. In the game, You start out in the city of Los Santos which has a lot of the same characteristics that Los Angeles has. Another city is San Fierro which is also based on another city, San Francisco...And finally the games third city is Las Venturas, which is a great impression of the early 90's Las Vegas, and is my favorite city in the game, mainly because there is so much to do and see in this city...San Andreas feels like a much bigger Vice City, with a more getto ring to it, and it is. You have some of the same weapons, items, and vehicles, for the last installments, but you actually have some new ones too! Like the Jet pack, certain weapons, and they have different vehicles! You play as a street crook, gang member ( CJ ), who gets picked up by a pair of crooked cops and thrown right back out into the street...Your first order of business, is to put your image, and set back on the map...building up your gang and social status level...And set out to take the streets back from your rivals. Most people just play this game so they can beat the crap out of people or blow up things, which I know I am one of those people...But I also like to play and stick to the story...This game has a ton of extras and bonuses to collect, find, and do. The gameplay in this game I know has to be by far the best! ( or at least for now ), there are a good couple of new things in this game to do that you couldn't do in the last...Such as: lift weights and make yourself bigger. Change your hair style, eat, change your cloths or get some more ( in the last one there wasn't really that much you could do with cloths...), ect...But I think the biggest thing ( or at least the biggest to me...) is how you can now swim in this game...Unlike the last one where you would automatically die if you even went near the water...You can swim, you can drive a car in the water, what ever and you still won't automatically die which is a good plus...So I think the gameplay has been built on and stayed in some of the best ways possible, and that is why I am giving it a 10! The graphics have been enhanced a little since the last game, so I give it a 10 also, mainly because the graphics from the last, were really good and I gave them a 9...The sound in the game is good, but I could care less for them music and that is why I am giving it a 8. I think this game has incredibly good value, perfect I might add! So a 10 for that! So overall a good game, that makes for a perfect installment, any grand theft auto fan should have this game, check it out if you haven't already!

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