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san andreas is one of the greatest games in the series . the story line is straight forward you play as carl johnson who’s mother has been murdered carl has two objectives one make grove street the number one gang in los santos and two to find out who murdered his mother another thing is that in grove street there is four main me cj sweet big smoke and ryder. the gameplay adds more features than in vice one thing is you can grab on to the wall and go over it and also the graphics have improved gta sanandreas is one of the games that should be played

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    Gangsta 'round the world. (100th review!) 0

    I dislike Saint’s Row. I also dislike Saint’s Row 2. And generally speaking, I dislike every “gangster” game I’ve played so far that wasn’t Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. No matter how hard any of them try to be “satirical” or “crass” or “offensive”, I can never shake the feeling that this supposed tale of life on the ghetto was designed by a group of Silicon Valley dweebs who based their vision of the hood from clips of a Ma$e video. Thus, I’ve found that they can never be anymore humourous, be...

    6 out of 6 found this review helpful.

    Over-the-Top Insane Awesomeness 0

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.  The most anticipated game of the year this side of the Xbox.  You've seen the other reviews.  You know it's selling like crazy.  But honestly, is it really that good?  Isn't it just more of the same?  Or is it a revolution of the genre and a shining example of Rockstar's dominance?  Well, it's all of those things.  It is the same, yet it is different in so many ways.  Is it the best PS2 game of all time like several sites/mags are saying?  No, it's not.  Is i...

    3 out of 4 found this review helpful.

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