An in-depth look at Trevor *Spoilers*

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In another topic, I briefly explained why I thought Trevor was the best character in the game. I said, and I quote:

"Trevor at least doesn't pretend to justify his actions, which kinda makes him the best character to play as. While both Franklin and Michael think they're being at least reasonable, which isn't true, Trevor is smart enough to know that he's a sociopath without shame. Guilt and regret are not on his agenda. So instead of trying to "protect" his family or trying to make it big, Trevor just takes care of business, which actually makes him more morally correct than someone trying to make excuses for their behavior."

I feel that I should delve more into this, as I'm willing to wager most of you will identify him as the most morally repugnant character with little or no humanity. I say otherwise!

But first let me take a quick look at the other two characters: Michael and Franklin. First off, the entire conflict they're in is their fault. They took down a rich man's house, which led to the spiral of events, which led them into trouble. They don't seem to be doing it for fun, in fact they aren't. They constantly complain....They complain about their family life, their hardships, their poor sex life, everything. They operate on a hierarchy: Michael takes job from someone, and Franklin gets to tag along because he and Michael are practically father and son.

Now let's take a look at Trevor: He's his own boss for one thing. When we first meet him (after the intro heist), he's pretty much in charge of his entire life. He runs his own gun/drug smuggling ring and he gets to set the rules for himself. If he finds something he doesn't like (like the O'Neal business) he'll take it onto himself to get rid of it. He enjoys every minute of it too. His laughter as he tears through the O'Neal meth lab and sets it ablaze is a testament to this. He gets to cause his own trouble without petty rules. If he wants something, he gets it. Instead of doing a heist to pay back someone, he starts his own heist for his own benefit. The reason he's a player in the story at all is because he feels like it. He takes it on himself to find Michael because he's attached to him as a friend.

And like I said before, he doesn't make excuses for behavior, which is unlike the other two. He doesn't pretend to love his family and turns around and acts like a self entitled shithead because he has to prove something. He has nothing to prove. He's in it for why the player is in it, to have some fucking fun. Oh, and to those who think he's less human because he's somehow more psychotic, I get where you're coming from. However, as mentioned he shows attachment, laughs, has interests, has dislikes, and is overall as much if not more of a three dimensional character than the other two. He has motivation to have fun, while the other two are just cynical of themselves and the world around them and only do things because they are told.

The other two are like self entitled teenagers, while Trevor is the self motivated responsible adult. I could go into more detail, but I feel I would delve into too much spoliery territory. For now, I said my peace.

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I like Trevor a lot. He is far and away the most interesting character of the three. I don't think he's all that "morally repugnant" at all, either. In fact, I think I identify more with him than most video game characters.

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Franklin is actually less of a sociopath because he cares about the people who are close to him. You notice that he acts that way towards both the characters as the story progresses(yes, even Trevor).

This is especially apparent when he risks his life finding and rescuing MIchael from that meatpacking factory.

He also cares about his homies even though they give him shit for doing good. He's kinda like CJ in a lot of ways.

On an unrelated note I would have liked more gangbanger missions revolving around Grovestreet and The Ballas.

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An interesting Jimquisiton episode about why playing as someone morally inept can be very engaging. There's an age check and he does talk about furry-porn, but overall it's well done.

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