Are Yamaha Banshee ATVs a thing on the best coast?

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Cause I keep seeing them in every damn rap video, I know ATVs are sexist but I hope they show up in GTA 5 if in fact they are a thing people use on the west coast....

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I wanna pop long ass wheelies in downtown LA....Los Santos. What vehicles do you guys want in GTA 5? I liked the customization options in Saint's Row 3 that let you turn your boxframe cadillac into a genuine pimp-mobile but GTA was never known for that type of thing, so here's to hoping for a large variety of awesome and unique vehicles.

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I've seen a few around before, although I do live in a fairly rural area. It would be pretty cool to see a larger variety of vehicle types in the game.

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There was a list of V vehicles released in Max Payne 3, right? For some reason the Sentinel was missing. I hope they didn't decide to exclude it. It was my favorite car in IV.

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