Grand Theft Auto V

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    Rockstar returns to the fictional state of San Andreas with a crew of three criminal protagonists who work together to pull off high-profile heists.

    Are you sticking to old consoles or moving to the new ones?

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    Poll Are you sticking to old consoles or moving to the new ones? (12 votes)

    Yes, I'm buying GTAV for XBONE/PS4 58%
    No, I'm sticking to X360/PS3 version. 42%

    Hey guys.

    So GTAV's launch for new consoles is less than two months away, and I wanted to know how many of you (that still play the game) are actually buying the game a second time, or just sticking to the original ones that came last year.


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    I'm sticking with my X-Box 360 for another year. I might upgrade to next-gen, then.

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