Crash after install?

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So i installed from the install disc, it asks me to insert the play disc which i do, it then just crashed on "Loading story mode" Ive restarted twice and it does the same thing.

I installed on a 20gb microsoft hard drive.

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Delete the install file from the dashboard and try it from scratch again?

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I formatted the drive, that will be enough right? See if it does it again.

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#4 Posted by Spectrea (54 posts) -

Installed/reformatted/cleared cache 4 times. I either get a crash at loading or "the game was restarted due to a problem with the storage device. Actually quite infuriating i now need to buy another hard drive after paying £45.99 for the game? wtf?

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Maybe there's a problem with the disc? You should try to exchange it for different one. Not likely, but it could be it. And if that doesn't work buy a new HDD, I got a used 60 gig for $20 so you should easily be able to get a 20gig for very cheap.

Keep in mind, rumor is that the multiplayer update will take an additional 4 gigs to install

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#6 Posted by ztiworoh (910 posts) -

This happened to me as well and it worked after I restarted the 360. That said, there are reports of the game not functioning well on 20gb HDs, so maybe take a look here?

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