Grand Theft Auto V Online - do cars unlock with levels?

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So far a lack of other games to play I still play GTA online despite the utter pointlessness of it all - it's pretty funny with some Bomb doods. Recently I've been doing a lot of cool missions with Pete0r.

My question is: on the in-game website where you can order super cars and so-forth, do those cars unlock with levels? A large amount of vehicles still reads as "Out of Stock" for me. I've been wanting to spend my hard earned money on a nice and fast 4-door car so that when I take part in missions all the Bombers can get in one vehicle. I've also wanted to purchase the Dewbauchee Rapid GT but as most cars it's Out of Stock.

Also do we have the Bomb emblem turned off in our main crew? Since I never see it on any clothes in the store.

Pete0r sniping our would-be pursuers
Pete0r sniping our would-be pursuers
Game glitched and I could walk around inside LS Customs
Game glitched and I could walk around inside LS Customs

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Well some of the out of stock cars are the Limited Edition etc, I didn't think any of the others were locked behind levels but maybe I just didn't pay attention. Certainly some of the other vehicles are.

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