GTA5 Crew Emblems! Post EM!

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Cant find a Post about these already so I figured I would start one then. Just Like CoD, Emblems can be made. They are not just for one person though, as it is to represent your Crew. Post what you have found / Made that you figure is worth seeing.

This is my second one as my first one was deleted thanks to R*'s Janky site atm. Took me a good 3 and half hours to make this. Had a Scan of it which was helping but with the tools given, I figured it was a good copy for me crew, Venture Industry.

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@mcshank said:

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Why does Dean only have one leg and why does Hank have an erection?

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Well it is the same as the original. I like the Idea of hank being an acrotomophiliac.

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A fellow duder made this for the PS3 crew. It is going to take something special to make me remove this emblem for another one.

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While I'm in the GB 360 crew, a friend got his own crew for our little group and made this emblem. Sadly it won't show up on the Rockstar page for the crew, for me at least. The Pugopalypse has begun.

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@mcshank, Venture Bros bro, yeah! Awesome logo. I'm part of the PS3 crew, but I also manage a small Norwegian crew called the Kitsune. So a fox with a tie felt fitting as the logo.

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This took me a good 3/4 hours to make, i had no template, instead just searched a load of pictures of cartoon gorrillas haha and the guns were something i did on CoD so yeah let me know what you guys think?:) oh and if you need a crew on ps3 'Backdoor Bandits KFC' will be happy to supply;P im the leader so you can add me on social club if you want 'Blandy008'

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If any of you want an emblem designed and made, i have way too much spare time haha

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The flaming alpaca logo. Did it in illustrator and fiddled with the HTML code in Chrome. (there are some good tutorials on youtube)

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I used to do this one for Old Time Gamers. The code autotracer gives you isn't quite Rockstar-ready though so it takes some messing around to get a working emblem.

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For some reason I can't find the gamespot copy of this thread:

But if you can find the gamespot equivalent (the gamespot thread included images, the gamefaqs thread is text only), I remember it had one of the funniest emblems I've ever seen. Now that I can't find it again I wish I'd saved it...I'd totally jack it for GTA.

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