How do I play GTA Online by myself?

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Hello duders. Potentially GTA online duders. Watching Crime Crew recently has really gotten me itching to play GTA V again. I kinda wanted to check out more of the online stuff. I never spent much time with it when it originally came out and it always sounds like they're adding some new interesting feature. The problem is I want to mostly play by myself. I know thats not exactly going to be possible so I thought I'd come here for advice. I mostly wanted to focus on getting my MC and Night Club business going. I bought a MC in sandy shores, upgraded it a bit, bought a bike, and headed out for my first mission. It took a bit to get down there and I was real disappointed to find out I needed a 2nd player to even start the mission. So...what should I even be doing? I just...dont even know? This mode is so overwhelming complex I have no idea where to begin. I guess I wont mind hoping on with randos if I have to but any advice on just all...would be nice?

I guess some more info about what I already have:

about $100k after buying the new MC

a house thats set up for heists

MC in sandy shores

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i got the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack after watching the Crime Crew. It comes with a bunch of stuff including CEO, MC, Heist Apt and a Bunker. I then got a counterfeit cash biz, a cargo warehouse and a vehicle warehouse to make money. Then bought the Mobile Operations Center to do weapon research. Now trying to save enough to get a nightclub and Terrorbyte. Been playing mostly solo so haven't been able to do any Heists. "boxxieboxx" on PS4 if you anyone wants to join up.

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I do a lot of racing when I play. Until Burnout Paradise Remastered came out it was the best racing game on PS4.

Name is the same on here as PS4. I don't get on much these days due to dad duties but I occasionally hop in.

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@boxxie: but is there a way to do the club stuff by yourself? At the very least, what do I need to do to build them up? I have no clue what to do with this game

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@xanadu: If you mean the club contracts (that you start from the wall in the club), I think they have a minimum requirement but there are some solo contracts iirc.

All the drugs/smuggling stuff can be done solo but it can sometimes be very tight for time if you try to deliver 3 sets of packages yourself (it's still doable and the game is happy to let you try). If you wanted to start on that stuff you can do so from the pc in the club house (need to buy a premises for the drug/counterfeit production)

The drugs stuff is not all that reliable though and costs a lot to set up, I hear the bunkers are the best money makers in terms of the business stuff once you have the money to set them up ($1.25m+), if you wanna make quick money doing repo missions can get you 20k+ for a 10-15min mission (call Simeon and ask for job) or heists if you have more time/patience.

Generally if you're stuck for something to do the quick job on your phone will throw you in to something and they usually pay OK. Once you have enough for a bunker you should be able to keep the money coming in at a good clip and then buy into the other stuff you're interested in.

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