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Alright, so i'm going to definitely buy GTA V that much is certain. And, i'm going to just cut straight to the chase. Should I pre-order GTA V now, to guarantee release day delivery? Or should I wait to see if Rockstar announce the PC version. The reason why i'm not sure what to do, is because if I leave the pre-order longer, the chances of me getting GTA on release day will be smaller...

EDIT: Also, is Amazon's release date delivery essentially just first class?

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If they were going to announce a PC version for same release date as the console versions they would have done it by now most likely. So if you are itching to play it as soon as you can you might as well plan on getting a console version. As for pre-ordering, if you can't get a preorder I'm sure Wal-Mart and other such stores will have plenty of copies on the shelf.

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I doubt that you're going to get any announcement of a PC version ahead of the console release, but you also probably don't need to be too concerned about not being able to get the game on day one on 360 or PS3. Take Two is going to make sure stores are filled to the brim with copies of GTA V.

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@rawknro11a: Oh. Ok then, I forgot to mention i'm the UK, so the infinite stock of Wal-Mart don't apply to me. D':

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@dacnomaniac: Well Amazon are selling it for £35 with free first class "day of release" delivery, so if you're prepared to take the chance that's a good way to go.

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@walkertr77: In my experience, there isn't much risk with Amazon's release day delivery. I've used it a lot and only in a few cases have they missed release day.

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It'll be quite some time before PC version comes out (if ever). It hasn't even been announced, might never be. IF they announce it, they'll do so months before it comes out (to get preorders and shit). So yeah....don't expect a PC version this year.

About pre-orders any big box store will have plenty of copies. I'm not sure what you have in the UK but you must have wal-mart like store. Hell my local best-buy always says they have limited copies to promote pre-orders but they have shittons, if you dont see any, ask a dude to get you a copy from the back. Cus theres always more.

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@dacnomaniac: Just in case you don't know, Asda is Wal-Mart for the UK. They're generally pretty good about stocking up on games, I've seen the lines that they get at midnight whenever there's a Fifa release and they're ridiculously long. They know to make sure they have plenty of the important releases.

Although they've stopped under cutting everyone with their game prices, which sucks. Used to be that Asda would almost certainly be cheaper than everywhere else, but apparently someone along the line decided that they could be making more money.

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