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I just listened to last week's Weekend Confirmed podcast (second to the Bombcast) where they brought up an interesting possibility for a GTA game. What if you played as a female protagonist? It's such a simple, yet potentially amazing idea, especially coming from Rockstar.

One thing that was brought up was what other company, if not Rockstar, pushes boundaries for what we're okay with in gaming. If you look at games protagonists you will get generic ripped bald white guy "x", while Rockstar has given you C.J., Niko, and Gay Tony, all minorities. So I think they can do something amazing in giving us the female perspective in the messed up worlds they create in the GTA series.

With the popularity of the series maybe it could make it more universally acceptable to have a more variability in protagonists, as ridiculous as it is, for publishers/developers (whoever make the decisions on what is okay in protagonists) who seem to think that all we want is space marine "x" by proving them wrong and showing that in sales. I mean if people seriously would refuse to buy a game because of what the main character looks like instead of say the quality of the game, then this whole industry has big problems.

I'm curious at what you all think.

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Would a mod be kind enough to delete this. Double topic.

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