So here's a dumb thing I noticed *MAJOR SPOILERS*

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At around the 55 second mark, an altered version of ending C can be seen. They're looking down at exploding cars, and Trevor even still says " Now what? "

So yeah, I dunno, you guys probably don't care and it probably doesn't mean anything, but I just thought I'd share. :P

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Wow I didn't even notice that, good eye.

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There are a lot of scenes from the trailers that are in different areas. Like when Trevor says "Bang bang amigo!" in the trailer he's in the desert but in the actual game he's on a train after a heist.

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It's actually really cool for Rockstar to go through the effort of altering their trailers so they don't give away key plot points. Nice attention to detail.

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@krullban: Yep, noticed that one too! I wonder if the ending really was just altered to avoid spoilers, or if at some point it was just flat out part of the armored truck heist and " recycled. "

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@humanity: I think it's more like in the case of movies, where the trailers would often contain cuts or dialogue that are significantly altered or even missing from the final cut because the trailers themselves were made well before the film was finally done. So if the scenes in that preview are different than the released game, it's probably because they were changed after that preview was made.

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I think they probably just knew what dialog they thought sounded cool and created some visuals around it to demonstrate the look and feel they wanted to communicate about the game.

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Is it the ending that's altered or is it one of the heists? Specifically the "ram into this truck, steal money, kill cops for a good 10 minutes"

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It is brilliant! When Trevor was stomping on a guy in trailer 2 and the guy ended up being johnny.

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Hm... Well yeah, that was way different (location wise) than the actual C ending.

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