Your GTA V moment(s)

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Duders, I just had the most awesome moment in GTA V happen to me.

Playing as Trevor out in the country, I was being chased by the cops after going apeshit on some pedestrian who got all up in my face when I smashed his car. I only had one star, but the cops got tired of my running, the star level escalted, and they started shooting at me.

So, I desperately stole the first car I saw coming. It was a landroverish car, but a lot longer in the rear. There was this supremely fat lady driving it. When I dragged her out of the car, a shotgun blast painted the car door with bullets. Close call. The cops then start shooting like crazy, and blast the poor woman.

I just start driving like fuck with my new ride. A couple of seconds in, I realize I was listening to Gimme More by Britney Spears. The grin on my face at this point was fucking huge. And it was about to get bigger.

Just a couple of yards ahead, a lonley fox crossed the road. That poor being got painted all over my front bumper, as I ran it over. I was so dumbfounded by everything that was going on, that I didn't even pay attention to the stuff in front of me. I looked in the rear view, and a cop car rammed me from behind, straight into oncoming traffic, skyrocketing me out the windshield.


That was a pretty hilarious turn of events. Now, what about you duders, what's your moment in GTA V so far? And by the way, this game is fucking amazing.

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#2 Posted by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -

So i was Franklin and decided to drive to mount chilliad.

It was going great "Skeletons" By Stevie wonder was playing and then it happened. I saw my first animal in the game. So i decided to chase them in my van. It was like red dead the sun going down but i hit a rock and went FLYING into the air "Like when Vinny was playing sleeping dogs"

I thought i would be dead but i landed into a lake of some sorts. Next to a small beach full of "Hipsters" Laughing at me calling me a jackass. So i did what any other GTA Player would do. RAMPAGED on their asses! It was all fun until i couldnt phone the Taxi service and had to walk all the way to the nearest town. This all happened in my First hour in the game. Now my next mission is either attacking the Military base to steal the jet or the Airport.

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I was running along the beach and decided to check out a group of people hanging around a camp fire. I wasn't even standing that close to it, but suddenly I burst into flames causing everyone around me to also catch fire and start rolling on the floor screaming. It was so unexpected and I ran into the ocean as people watching ran the opposite way.

Also had an insane car jump. I was driving as Franklin using his ability at each intersection and managed to get up to a really high speed, I hit a slight bump in the road which lifted me directly onto an oncoming car and bounced off it, flying for ages.

Finally, jumping into doors is always funny - especially when your leg gets caught.

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I returned a car to the Towing Company, got out to look at the internet stuff, when I started hearing gunfire. I closed out of it to see two officers behind the impounded car in a shoot out with someone. They proceed to walk out into the road, where one officer is down, clearly having been hit by a car. Soon after, an ambulance shows up, the paramedic gets out to attend to the downed officer, when he is gently nudged by the car behind him waiting to turn. The two cops standing nearby go ballistic and open fire. The guy jumps out and runs across the street with the two officers in pursuit. In the middle of the road, one of the officers is just NAILED by a car speeding through the intersection, which comes to a stop a short distance away. The other officer opens fire and kills the guy, before walking back over to the first accident, standing around for a bit then just sauntering off all casual.

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I punched a guy in the face and then I found surrounded by guys who wanted to punch me in the face.

So I proceeded to punch them in the face instead.

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Nothing crazy or epic, but a nice moment for me. When I first got free control of Franklin after his introduction, I found a bike and rode it down in the runoff drains (the sloping concrete walls, whatever you want to call them). I loved how it was exactly what I did in SA, and it felt just as exhilarating.

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Within the first 5 minutes of the game I was told by pedestrians to eat their asses no less than 20 times.

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The tale begins, as most Grand Theft Auto tales do: with a needless fistfight.

I'm Michael. Dressed in the grey suit with a bit of a beard. I have a silenced pistol, a pump action shotgun and a fully decked out assault smg. This means I'm essentially Robert De Niro in HEAT.

Outside the hospital some guy says something I don't like, so of course we start to mix it up. As I deck him, two of his homeboys step out of a car and open fire on me. You know the phrase; once again it's on. I cripple one and kill the other, peeling off in a car while being shot at by the man on the ground. I whip round the block and roll up behind him then take him out. That's when the first police car arrives.

I take cover behind my car and dispatch the first two cops with my pistol. Same for the next two. I run to where their cars are stopped and fire on the reinforcements that come from the side I was on. This firefight goes on for a few minutes, I move from car to car placing my shots and blind firing into windshields and car doors with the shotgun when things get thick.

As I reach three stars I realise this will quickly become untenable. I clear the street and make a break for a parking garage. I clear the wall and land inside still no worse for wear. I make a dash for the second floor and hide behind a column, luring more cops up and taking them out at an easy pace. Then a tac team descends on me from the floor above.

The time for the tactical smg has most certainly arrived. I drive the tac team off while simultaneously icing beat cops attacking from below. The area is clear so I head for the roof. The music builds with a steady intensity. I shoot down a police helicopter swooning around outside the garage on my way up.

On the roof I set up behind another column and gun down a fresh tac team as they spread out from their helicopter and try to advance on me. I use Michael's special ability to carefully shoot the pilot as he tries to take off. The chopper plops back down on the roof neatly. From here I take down one last helicopter to cover my escape which I make IN THE FUCKING POLICE HELICOPTER THAT WAS DROPPING GUYS IN ON TOP OF ME.

Val Kilmer was nowhere to be seen.

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I was taking an "in-game" break and was presented with the following surreal situation; I was sitting on my couch, smoking a bowl, watching a guy, sitting on his couch, watching TV, and smoking a joint.

Also...I never thought a videogame would keep me watching anal sex quite so long...

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#10 Posted by foxmulder (1879 posts) -

Was playing as Franklin and a white chick called the cops just because I was standing close to her.

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#11 Posted by RonGalaxy (4688 posts) -
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#12 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5919 posts) -

Just now i punched a random lady in the face, took a selfshot with her knocked out behind me, and then stole the ambulance that had arrived to help her.

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#13 Posted by Glots (2870 posts) -

Nothing too crazy as of yet, even if I'm already personally laughing at simple carcrashes that send me off flying through the windshield, just because I was too busy playing with the radio. But one of the first Franklin missions was just damned fun to do, thanks to them cops being so persistent that I had to drive all over the place to loose them, while just waiting for that fatal crash to happen, especially when I was driving for a good 5-10 minutes on traintracks. Also thumbs up for my AI partners for walking, running and swimming after me, even if they're slow at times. Brought back some good 'an familiar San Andreas memories.

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#14 Posted by Jawshua (326 posts) -

I was about to get out of a car when another car stopped on the side I was getting out of and the game bugged out and sent me flying 20 feet into the air.

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sorry, copied from another board and I can't get the weird background formatting to go away.

After meeting up with Lester and doing his hacker thing, I flip to Franklin and hit up the deep discount store and drop about a grand on streetwear. Head back home, park the car in garage, grab Chop and take him for a walk around the block. Coming through the alleyway back onto my street, this dude tears by me in an 80s muscle car and slams into a telephone pole, sandwiched by a pair of cop cars in the process (with a helicopter in pursuit overhead, the floodlight bearing down suddenly on all of us).

The dudes that survive the crash are popping out the windows and all the Grove Street Fam up and down the block are running towards the crash; I take cover behind a fence like any citizen just trying to walk his dog. The shootout lasted about five minutes and ended with four cops dead against my neighbor's fence and six gangsters lying dead in the middle of the street. I drop Chop off at his kennel, sleep it off then call Lamar.

I take out my aggression on the OG Stretch and we head out for a drug deal, which goes wrong of course. After an intense factory shootout and with a potential gang war breaking out between CGF and the Ballas, I plop down next to my aunt, turn on the TV and smoke a pair of doobies while I watch a documentary about Leonora Johnson's murder.

And now suddenly I look out the window and the sun is up. Better see what Michael's up to.

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Loaded game and went to garage to pick up car. The car I had put in there last and Franklin's default one had both spawned inside one on top of the other. I blame Lamar.

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#17 Posted by JouselDelka (979 posts) -

Walked out of the hospital and stood in the middle of the street, heard aggressive police siren behind me, and while turning around, a police car and the car they are chasing passed right next to me: cop car a hair away from my left arm, chased car an inch away from the right arm. SIMULTANEOUSLY.

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Reposting from another,

Awesome story from last night;

As I was running around with Franklin I had a little blue dot pop up on the radar. The game informed me this was a random side mission, and as I never turn down a side mission I drove over to see what was up. As I roll up I see an armored car with two dudes in full body armor chilling next to it. The game proceeds to tell me that I can choose to blow up the vehicle or shoot the back doors open to get the cash inside.

So... I attempt to ram the truck with a crappy Caddy rip-off, where I simply bounce off doing almost no damage and cause the driver to gun the accelerator. I give chase, and suddenly have three stars popup on my HUD, no big deal, right? All of a sudden I have cops coming out of the woodwork on my radar, and a helicopter beelining right at me. Gotta move fast!

I attempt to shoot out the tires on the metal monster, and as the driver tries to avoid my fire he t-bones a car in a 4-way intersection and veers off into a building. I corner the truck with my craphole car and jump out, pistol blazing (I maybe played 3 hours at this point). Randomly, the driver and passenger get out! I charge and blaze, health dropping to nothing, but still standing. They both go down, and I secure the vehicle (minus one tire).

Cops are swarming me and I get back on the road, but I'm slow as hell and driving like I'm skating on ice. The cops are swarming me and the helicopter is lighting me up. Up ahead, I see a hole in the street, and there is no barrier blocking it from the road, so I take it. Turns out, I just found an underground railway, and my armored truck plummets onto the rails. Behind me and above me, cop cars are slamming into walls and electrical poles, with one car flying through the air and slamming into the entrance to the tunnel just as I vanish into the darkness.

I come out a few seconds later with no cruisers around, but the helicopter is circling the area and beginning to fan out. I pull over into a little warehouse area and jump out, unloading my pistol into the back doors of the truck until a box of cash pops out. Nice! I ditch the broke-ass truck and run off to the nearest highway, staling a car along the way, and escaping into the night.

Ok, who's next?

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I have a couple...

  • A bus spawned incorrectly with the front side touching the road and created a minor traffic jam when it fell over.
  • I tried to help police by stopping a car being chased which led to a gun fight between four suspects and two police. Being around Franklin's neighborhood, the people around the area later began shooting at the cops.
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#20 Posted by GunstarRed (6044 posts) -

I was driving up the side of the hill with Michael with If you leave me now by Chicago on the radio when I hit a cow at top speed and it went flying over the side. Michael then quipped "Natural fuckin selection."

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#21 Posted by ExiledAstronaut (140 posts) -

I was driving around blaine county on the highway when an elk came in front of me and got hit by a car. A pile up ensued, and it was pretty great.

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#22 Posted by OldManLight (1289 posts) -

went to vespucci beach, saw some NPC a taking picture by what i assumed was a regular statue but I made same mistake i make IRL sometimes and it ended up being a human statue playing NPC, i got too close, he "came to life" and violently pushed me back, i knocked his ass out in one punch, then laughed my ass off for 5 minutes.

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#23 Posted by MEATBALL (4231 posts) -

I was driving Lamar home and clipped a guard rail or something, sending the car flying. We landed on a nearby rooftop with no way for Lamar to get down. I had to abandon him, Lamar was pissed.

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#24 Posted by normalpants (231 posts) -

Playing as Trevor, I picked up a hitchhiker while I was driving around. She was wearing a white dress and kept going on and on about how many drugs she had been taking that weekend while talking to her boyfriend on the phone as I drove. My better sense told me not to, but I was curious about the Altruist Cult so I decided I'd make an unscheduled stop at their headquarters to drop her off. An old man took her away in tears, handed me $1000, and I was left alone with my guilty conscience.

Instead of getting back in the car, I decided to explore some of the mountain and admire the scenery to get my mind off of the horrible thing I had just done. I saw beautiful vistas, majestic elk, treacherous roads, dense forests, and I had almost forgotten my misdeed when out of nowhere a mountain lion pounced on me from out of my view and made me his lunch. Wasted.

Turns out karma's a motherfucker even in crime-riddled open world games.

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#25 Posted by I_Stay_Puft (5568 posts) -

The last mission where you assassinate the head of the triad. On my way there Franklin on his shitty bike I had no clue what to expect but thought if it'll be a gun fight might be a good idea to have a fairly large car. I stole one of those tour buses and parked it right in front of the triad caravan before they could leave the parking lot. I then blew up the bus which not only killed those people inside but set off a chain reaction of explosions to the triad suvs killing the leader.

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I had been wandering around on foot as Franklin for a while and ended up on an overpass over one of the large 8+ lane freeways. I figured it might be time to get back to the main game and a quick fall headfirst (circle button) onto the freeway might speed things along. I ended up misjudging the fall and survived, stuck near the center divider with cars speeding past inches away. Cool, might as well try some GTA Frogger action to get to the other side! Easier said than done, I got clipped pretty bad (those cars are going FAST!) but barely managed to make it to the other side still alive. It looked like there was a service tunnel under the overpass and I thought I might be able to get back out to street level through there. What this actually led to was literally miles of underground tunnels where a new subway line was being constructed as well as large sewer tunnels filled with rats. I think Franklin was lost in there for probably several in-game days. :) Random construction workers I came across mostly ignored me and every time I'd come across what looked like a surface access ladder, all the bottom rungs were broken off as some cruel joke! Finally I made my way through to emerge in the large cement runoff area and bright daylight. Needless to say, Franklin's stamina stat got maxed out after that much walking! I also found a new shotgun and some body armor, which was at the bottom of a hole for some reason.

It's hard to believe the attention to detail in this game, my jaw is literally on the floor.

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#27 Posted by Rebel_Scum (1235 posts) -

I was cruising around in the blimp and enjoying the scenary when I flew over the military airport and they scrambled some jets and blew the shit out of me.

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#28 Posted by Mr_Misery (344 posts) -

I took Chop for a walk and went up to the Vinewood sign. I climbed up the "I" and Chop teleported up with me. After taking some pics I climbed down and Chop jumped after me and died:(

My favorite moment though is either the Franklin/Lamar/Trevor mission called Hood Safari or parachuting down Mount Chilliad which was amazing.

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I was running from the cops as Michael while trying to get to the top of Mount Chilliad. I had started in town (wanted by the police) but had finally worked my way to the top with many cop cars spawning ahead of me on the mountain. They kept driving past me and exploding like a Michael Bay movie. So then they start getting smart and getting out shooting. So here I am fighting an army of cops to reach the top of the mountain to finally reach it and accept my fate that I'm going to get wasted when I see dirt bikes. (I had run up the whole mountain by foot) So I Thelma and Louis it off the top do a flip and some how survive. I then hit another jump only to come down too hard and die. I had a friend over watching and we both cracked up laughing. Hadn't done that in a while.

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#30 Posted by Mike (17288 posts) -

I just jumped out of a helo at full altitude and parachuted down. A little later I was running away from some cops on foot, and came across my smoking - but still airworthy - helicopter sitting upright on it's skids in the Ammunation parking lot.

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I used my phone to call in a taxi to come take me to the location of a mission . Five minutes later, taxi still didn't show up (hate it when that happens). So I took a car and went to look for a nearby taxi myself but not a single taxi was in sight. As I'm driving around, I see a couple of thugs stealing some guy's wallet and running away in a car. So being the good samaritan that I am, I chase them, stop their car and get in a gunfight with them in the middle of the road. I managed to take the first guy out real quick, but the second guy was shooting me from behind and got my to about 10% health. I had to act quick, so I jumped over a car, took cover behind it, pulled out my shotgun and took the guy out with a headshot. Just as I was going to pick the stolen wallet from his dead corpse, a fucking taxi comes speeding out of nowhere and kills me just as I was about to pick the wallet up. I should've been pissed, but I was laughing my ass off because I was looking for a taxi for the past fifteen minutes not knowing one would make me end up in the hospital and fail that random mission.

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#32 Posted by DrZing (229 posts) -

I keep noticing so many details... like in Franklin's house in the main hallway, an artist took the time to include a phone wire (!) stapled to the wall and around doors. And there's the little popping sound cars make when you've just shut them off and the engine starts to cool down. This can be a double-edged sword though, because there are SO many buildings with well-done facades that you feel like you should be able to enter, but can't. :( I even found some, downtown mostly, that seem to have 3D interiors but are closed off. Maybe these only open later in the game, I don't know. I spent a while trying to find an open skyscraper that would let me get up to the roof, but no luck...

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I just switched to Trevor and found the sub parked beside me...

No Caption Provided

I tried to drive it but it doesn't move for some reason...maybe the lack of wheels?

No Caption Provided

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#34 Posted by Shirogane (3629 posts) -

@teoball: Wow yeah, that totally happened to me as well. Switched to Trevor and found that the sub was parked in a spot where you'd usually find his car, pretty random.

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#35 Posted by fetchfox (1679 posts) -

I drove into Los Santos airport, automatic three stars. Stole one of the planes planning to skydive over the desert somewhere. I finally get there, cops far gone and I'm thinking "lets make this interesting...". So I pull the plain into a nosedive, straight for the ground, just to see if I can get out and survive in time. And I did! For a second... as the plain was almost straight down I hit the left wing going out of the cockpit. Instant death, 5 grand gone. But pretty funny.

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#36 Posted by RubberBabyBuggyBumpers (949 posts) -

went from doing yoga to this...............

No Caption Provided

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I was playing a mission with Franklin where I was being chased by the police. I ramped off of something and the police car, which was directly behind me, flew over and in front of me 2Fast2Furious style! It was pretty awesome.

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One of my favorite moment happens every time i boot the game.

Loading Video...

That loading music is so good.

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#39 Posted by Ben_H (3938 posts) -

I started for the day. It loaded as Trevor in his trailer. In the middle of the trailer was a floating moonshine still.

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#40 Posted by Nilazz (827 posts) -

I got in a plane, flew really really high, pointed the nose of the plane straight down at the ground and jumped....I survived for about 0.2 seconds before the wing of the plane hit me. Wasted.

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@pr1mus said:

One of my favorite moment happens every time i boot the game.

Loading Video...

That loading music is so good.

I really wish someone uploads more of the games OST or Rockstar sells it. Its too good!

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#42 Posted by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -

@pr1mus said:

One of my favorite moment happens every time i boot the game.

Loading Video...

That loading music is so good.

I really wish someone uploads more of the games OST or Rockstar sells it. Its too good!

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#44 Posted by Red12b (9360 posts) -

Party all the time playing as I'm jumping the hills in a Bullet in one of those obscenely long distance trips across the middle of the map.

The mission where you have to Hijack the Chinook from the military base, I taxied to the destination, the taxi dropped me off right at the entrance of the base, I stole the Taxi, drove into the base and just flew off with the Chinook. . .

it was hilarious... just roll up and be all, sup,, nice chopper... mine now..

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#45 Posted by HiroKedyn (33 posts) -

So I was walking around downtown when I noticed that someone had left their sports car unattended, so I borrowed it. Then "accidentally" ran over the woman who was in the process of calling the cops on me, it's not my fault she walked in front of me, on the sidewalk. This led to a quick chase from the cops before I ditched them and went to the Vinewood Bowl.

I get out of the car after parking it in the parking lot and hear a cop yelling to the car over. I look back and see a cop speeding into the parking lot, chasing nothing. He slams into a parked car, pushes up against a fountain and proceeds to slowly circle it while yelling at the driver to get out of the car, except there was no one in the car. It's at this point that his partner gets out of the car and runs away screaming while the driver slowly drives away off a hill.

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#46 Edited by lusence (430 posts) -

i was doing the bank heist mission where you needed to find 3 guantlets for get away cars and choose the worst hacker ever. so had very small hints on where to get the cars. anyways was getting frustrated and looking for the next car, it was dark and stormy and just ran into the road and jacked the first car I saw. BAM yellow GPS guide pops up, aparently i just jacked a guantlet... i had to got WTF at that...

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#47 Posted by kraftwerkd (2 posts) -

I was playing as Trevor, driving through the country in a lifted truck (don't remember the name). I had turned down a dirt road, decided to do some offroading. While I was flying around one of the turns, a park ranger (or cop, big white trucks) was parked on the right hand side of the road with the door open. I avoided it as best I could, ended up clipping the side of his truck and got 1 star. Next thing I know I'm booking it down this twisting dirt mountain road being chased by four fucking trucks. Craziness! This probably lasted a good five or six minutes before I ended up sliding down the cliff, bailing outta the truck and getting squashed by it. My truck was so riddled with billet holes, but I managed to drop a few cops off the mountain side before going down.

Everything happened so quickly I couldn't help but laugh the entire time. I love the driving in this.

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