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Whether the Black Phantom is an NPC or an invading player, this ring will help give you the jump on them.

How to Get it


Treasure Form

From the start of the Shrine of Storms, 4-1, here's how to find the Graverobber's Ring.
  • From the archstone, keep along the only path, going up the stairs, past all the Skeletons.
  • When you get underneath the arch with the two Bow Skeletons, you have two options. If you want to get the ring as fast as possible, make a left. If you feel like risking your life against Vanguard again, go straight.

Turning Left

  • Run straight into this narrow corridor, hugging the left of the wall to avoid the trap's arrows.
  • Make a right and head up the stairs.
  • Don't go straight, to where the other Bow Skeleton is standing above, instead proceed right, where you'll see a Skeleton standing guard.
  • Kill him. You should be standing in the spot where the two Bow Skeletons were shooting you from.
  • Keep proceeding forward and stop when you get to the top of the next stairs.
  • Look to the right and you will notice that the wall has a chunk missing from it.
  • You can roll onto this part of the wall from the top of the stairs. Be careful, as if you go too fast, you may fall off the side of the cliff.
  • If you landed on the wall, then drop down below. *Make sure you drop to the left of the wall below, otherwise you'll end up at the beginning of the level again.*
  • Now turn around and proceed along the cliff, past the Crystal Lizard and through the doorway.
  • Turn left and go through that doorway.

Going Straight

  • Kill Vanguard or not, then proceed past him and through the Fog Gate.
  • Go up the stairs.
  • Take the ladder to your left, then drop down the other side of the wall, or just run around, killing the Skeleton and Archer Skeleton, and setting off the trap.
  • Proceed down the corridor then turn right. Careful not to sprint right off the cliff here.
  • Go along this path, running past or killing the skeletons.
  • Enter the Fog Gate. Turn right.

  • Go up the stairs in front of you, following the natural curve of the path.
  • You will see a glowing yellow light on a dead body.
  • Carefully step onto the plank of wood and make your way across. You have to step onto the next little part from the left.
  • Pick it up! Oh, and you're right near the Boss.

Kill Graverobber Blige

  • You can just kill Graverobber Blige whenever you see him, but you will forfeit a lot of unique and cheap arrow purchases.

How do I Use It?

Useful in any situation with Black Phantoms, this ring is fairly common in Multiplayer sessions.
  • The Graverobber's Ring does not stack effects with the Thief's Ring, although it is much more potent in its effect.
  • Handy when trying to get a backstab on certain strong Black Phantoms, as well as sneaking past them.
  • Use this ring to surprise invading players with abrupt ambushes or to run away.

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