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    A huge, slow-moving monster found in several Monster Hunter games. Due to its rock skin, it is powerful both offensively and defensively. To make matters worse, it i can also put players to sleep.

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    This monster is usually found in the Volcano area. It eats rocks and can literally walk through and underneath pools of lava. Like the Basarios before it, the Gravios has an incredibly hard shell which causes most bladed weapons to bounce off when struck. Additionally, it has a fiery beam-like attack reminiscent of the Hyper Beam move found in many Pokemon games.   


    • The Gravios can have its tail sliced off and the shell covering its chest can be broken by multiple blows from any weapon type. 
    • While the beam attack it uses is insanely powerful, it leaves the beast open to strikes from almost any direction. To compensate for this, the Gravios (and far more often, the Black Gravios) will randomly cause explosions directly underneath it when it uses the beam. This means rushing in to hit it after dodging the beam can sometimes lead to the attacker being blown away and suffering major damage. It would be wise to observe the Gravios' belly area when it fires the beam because if it has also triggered its explosion, black smoke will appear just before the blast.

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