Gravitron 2

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    Gravitron 2 is a Gravitar-like thrust-based space shooter released on the PC in 2008.

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    Gravitron 2 is a retro styled arcade gravity shooter - quite similar to the games Gravitar and Thrust - in which you must pilot a spaceship around with the goal of destroying a reactor core and then escaping in to the atmosphere before the reactor explodes. The reactor core is often hidden within a well-guarded chamber, past several gun turrets and laser fields.

    Much of the difficulty is due to the fact that your ship can only thrust in one direction and is always being pulled down by the force of gravity. This makes shooting at enemies a fine balance of making sure you have enough elevation or upward thrust before attempting to destroy your target....otherwise you'll find yourself making acquaintance with the ground quite often.

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    The controls in Gravitron 2 are very simple: You can turn left and right, thrust forwards, shoot forwards and activate a protective shield. Your spaceship has a fuel meter, which depletes as you use your thrusters and shield - but can be refilled by flying within the proximity of a fuel cell - as well as a damage meter that can be replenished by landing and rescuing scientists stranded on the planet surface.

    Gravitron 2 is available from the official Gravitron 2 website as well as on VALVe's Steam service: Gravitron 2 on Steam


    40 stages packed full of enemies and traps

    The achievements screen
    The achievements screen
    • 3D sound in a 2D enviroment
    • Online highscores
    • Configurable controls
    • Stylized neon vector graphics
    • Bucket load full of particle effects
    • Dramatic musical scores
    • 10 Achievement awards (Steam version exclusive)

    Future Updates:

    The official Gravitron 2 website states that all future expansion packs and upgrades will be free. The latest version of Gravitron 2 is version 1.8.

    Expansion Packs

    Bonus campaign in Version 1.8

    From the Gravitron 2 website:

    Version 1.8 now contains an extra map campaign bringing the total map count to around 60 maps. If you are already running the latest version simply download and install the latest patch (v1.8) and the campaign will appear on the main menu.

    Users who have purchased Gravitron 2 through Steam have also received this map pack via an automatic patch to version 1.8.


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