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    Gravity Bone

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Jan 01, 2009

    A first-person adventure game from Blendo games.

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    In Gravity Bone, players control a contract man for Teletran Seven. Teletran Seven is a private contracting service for those who need jobs done. The game opens with our silent protagonist in an elevator, coming up to a party. Upon arrival, and with a quick check of the job card, our protagonist is informed that they must head to the furnace room for further instruction.

    After making his way through party guests and serving-men, our protagonist finds a small brown briefcase, next to a a drink, and a suit identical to those of the waiters. Upon opening the briefcase, he finds an audio recording which gives him the task of taking the mysterious drink to the man with the red hair.

    The party.
    The party.

    After donning the suit, our protagonist once again makes his way through the party to find the man with the red hair and serve him the drink. Immediately upon doing so, the man takes a large swig, and downs the whole thing. Then tasked with finding the exit, our protagonist finds his way there and leaves the party.

    The player is then informed through a cutscene that the drink contained a Manitoba Beast Bug. This bug allows the subject who ingests it to be tracked across the galaxy, via it's "fumey" gases. We are then informed that our clients are very pleased.

    Our protagonist then finds them self on the 70th floor of Arrol Hofert Tower. A few pedestrians are around the elevator, two old men and a young woman smoking a cigarette. Once again, the protagonist must find the furnace room. While traversing the back rooms to reach the desired point, our hero finds a powerful freezing agent, and a hammer, which is then used to break locks.

    A very similar briefcase is found in the furnace room, only this time it contains a camera, and an audio recording that tasks our hero to photograph five birds. After breaking locks and bounding over death defying drops, our hero has their five pictures, and begins to proceed to the exit.

    When they reach the elevator, they are greeted by a bullet from the gun of the young lady who was waiting there all along! She steals the camera containing the bird pictures and flees the scene, with our hero in hot pursuit. The daring pair make their way to the top of some emergency stairs, where the assassin turns and fires on our hero once again, sending him careening off the walkway to fall to his death.

    His fall becomes slow motion, and flashbacks begin. The player sees images of a woman in an exploding car, a shoot out between two speeding jeeps, and a race being won by a woman, who looks very similar to the one that just shot our hero. The end of our protagonists fall marks the end of the game.


    Version 1.1 from Blendo Games' website.


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