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    Gravity Man

    Character » appears in 5 games

    A robot master from Mega Man 5. His weapon is the Gravity Hold, and he is weak to the Star Crash.

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    Gravity Man appears in Mega Man 5 and is one of Dr. Wily's creations. During the fight between Mega Man and Gravity Man, the latter will always be opposite of the former; that is, when Mega Man runs along the ceiling, Gravity Man runs along the ground. Gravity Man will then reverse the gravity throughout the battle, causing him and Mega Man to switch positions. Gravity Man's offensive attacks include using the gravity shift to ram into Mega Man, as well as a basic buster shot.

    When defeated, Gravity Man relinquishes the Gravity Hold to Mega Man, which is a full-screen attack sans projectiles. As such, it cannot miss, but it is more effective / efficient against weaker enemies and damages only a scant few other robot masters.


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