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    Gravity Rush 2

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jan 18, 2017

    A follow-up to one of Vita's most acclaimed original games.

    werupenstein's Gravity Rush 2 (PlayStation 4) review

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    Fun world to explore

    Gravity Rush was a great Vita game, Gravity Rush 2 continues the story but the gameplay really doesn't make the transition as well as I had hoped.

    The whole time I was playing this game I couldn't help but think the only reason this game exists is because it was supposed to be the PSVR's killer app but it turned out to be a comet vomit, I kinda hope they put out a VR mode, it would be interesting and probably control better.

    The best part of this game is the amazing world they have created that I loved to explore, It's bigger and better than the first game in that regard.

    The combat is really terrible, I don't remember having any issues with the first game but this game is frustrating at every turn. There is no sense of speed so you feel very slow fighting enemies that are more mobile than you are. There was a great sense of speed and responsiveness in the first game that is completely missing here.

    The new gravity powers are tacked on and not really useful other than to complete the specific tasks where they are introduced. Why would I ever need to high jump when I can fly? You get the Jupiter power to punch through walls, there isn't a single wall in the entire game you can knock down in the open world. Missed opportunity I guess.

    Overall I had fun with it but some pretty terrible combat sequences towards the end of the game had me pulling my hair out.


    Two things:

    I didn't mention the photo mode or the treasure hunts, they do something very interesting with the photo mode towards the end of the game and I really enjoyed the treasure hunts.


    I kept playing and it seems there was quite a bit of story left after the credits run, I would guess about 1/3 of the story happens after the credits roll one of the better boss battles and definitely the most interesting chapters of the game story wise.

    I liked the game and this hidden content just made it better, why they hide it is a complete mystery to me.

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