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Charming experiment. But everything else is relative.

One side mission of GR is about encounter a Scientist searching for his wife in a twilight/phantom side dimension that is the result of a failed experiment to save the world of Hekseville; there is a lot of remorse in his words, but this remorse doesn't exist to me in this experimental game. This game maybe can't save the Vita but is a beautiful and charming place to lose yourself in the traversal of a floating Moebius like city where no everything is what it seems. Is a world full of mysteries that our protagonist, Kat, cannot resolve in its fullest in the end but is part of the European Comic style of surrealism. Kat maybe is chain to, at first, clunky mechanics but as you advance you realize that they are actually very polished; far from perfect but the clumsiness is temporal as you adapt and level up Kat inner strength.

The game is not for everyone and is not a system seller for the Vita (at least not yet as the Vita is between life and dead and GR rises from below to a cult status).

But is a excellent experiment and worth the shot. Maybe we can't save the world but we can inspire the Creators, Shifters and scientist to give another shot to new IPs and innovation.

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