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    Great Clock

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    The Great Clock is a location from the game Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time. It keeps the time of the universe in balance.

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    The levels in the game contain amazingly satisfying time based puzzles. You must control Clank, a pint sized robot (who is Orvus' son), and record copies of his actions to play back to activate switches to open a door. All your timing must be in sync and while it can be frustrating at some points the result is very satisfying.

    Many years ago, the Zoni were the idols of the Fongoids. The Fongoids were overzealous in use of time travel. This caused time rifts. Orvus later created the Great Clock to fix and keep time.

    This is also a location in which Ratchet tells Azimuth the past is the past. Azimuth wanted to use the Clock to save his people.


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