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    Great Divide

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    The Great Divide is a mountainous region of central Velious.

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    The Great Divide
    The Great Divide

    The Great Divide is a harsh mountainous region west of the Eastern Wastes in Velious. A massive waterfall to the north pours into the region creating the Daggerflow River, which stretches south through an impassable underground tunnel into the Wakening Land. When arriving from the Eastern Wastes, adventurers are greeted with a familiar site. Massive spires built by the ancient Combine Empire lie here, just like the ones seen on Antonica, Odus, Faydwer, and Kunark. On the cliffs to the south of the spires is a fortress built by the Kromrif frost giants in an attempt to keep tabs on the Coldain dwarves. The Coldain have built many small forts along the northern cliffs, but they are camouflaged within the snow. Their home, Thurgadin, can be found concealed behind the bonechillingly cold waterfall.

    To Velketor's Lab
    To Velketor's Lab

    The center of the region lies a massive rock formation inhabited by countless shardwurms that cause trouble for anyone attempting to take a shortcut down the river. West of the river one can find an sizeable army of roaming tizmaks. This race of yakmen does not welcome those new to the continent, but surviving their assault is required for claiming a shard from the nearby dragon portal, which will allow one to be teleported to the region by wizards or druids. The western cliffs are infested the only bears on the entire continent, the cave kodiaks. Countless caves can be found here, but one is particularly worth checking out. Velketor, a frost giant mage exiled from Kael by the Priests of Zek, has built a maniacal labyrinth of icy paths, perilous traps, illusions, and ultimately a massive castle where he plots his revenge on his brothers. Some adventurers have told tales of enormous battles that have taken place in the Great Divide as they assist the Coldain as hundreds giants assault the city of Thurgadin.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Coldain
    • Dain Frostreaver IV
    • Kromrif
    • Kromzek


    Notable NPCs

    • Blizzent
    • Bloodmaw
    • Captain Stonefist
    • Fergul Frostsky
    • Garadain Glacierbane
    • Gorul Longshanks
    • Icetooth
    • Kardakor
    • Narandi the Wretched
    • Shardtooth
    • Shardwurm Broodmother
    • Shardwurm Matriarch
    • Taskmaster Abyott
    • Vluudeen
    • Yaka Razorhoof

    Notable Items

    • Bracer of Scale
    • Edge of the Taskmaster
    • Gauntlets of Power
    • Ice Weave
    • Icetooth's Pelt
    • Narandi's Lance
    • Rune Etched Icewurm Fang
    • Runebranded Stone Buckler
    • Shardtooth's Flayed Skin
    • Velium Etched Stone Mace
    • Vludeen's Tail

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