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The Great Khan Suit Armor is an armor type in Fallout: New Vegas that can be equipped. If the player has this armor equipped they are then disguised as a member of the Great Khan gang.

The Great Khan Suit Armor can be repaired by using any of the following other armors; Great Khan Soldier Armor, Great Khan Simple Armor, and Great Khan Armored Leather.


  • Damage Threshold - 5
  • HP - 100
  • Weight - 7
  • Value - 100

Item Locations

The Great Khan Suit Armor can be found in two different locations, the Boulder City and Cottonwood Cove.

Boulder City

There are two Great Khan Suit Armor in Boulder City, one is held by Jessup (In the Great Khan hideout), and the other is on the corpse of McMurphy.

Cottonwood Cove

The Great Khan Suit Armor that is located in Cottonwood Cove is being held by Anders, who is crucified by the entrance. In order to get the armor Anders must be killed.

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