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A boxer from India in the game Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, Great Tiger uses magic to win his fights. If you can see through the trick and stop his special attack, then you can easily beat him.


Great Tiger
Great Tiger

Rank: #1 in the Major Circuit

Record: 24-5 (3 KO)

From: Bombay, India

Age: 29

Weight: 132


From Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!:

  • "So a pussycat wants to fight a tiger!"
  • "Beware of my Tiger Punch!"
  • "I have purred long enough, Now hear me roar!"
  • "A kitten is no match for a tiger."

From Punch-Out!! (Wii):

  • "Phir usey mainay bahut maara." (I beat him up really bad.)
  • "Kaam par jaaney ka vakat aa gaya." (Time to go to work.)
  • "Abb tujhe dikhata hoo!" (Now I'll show you!)
  • "Is bache ko bolo ki apni maa ka dudh peeke ayee." (Tell this kid to come back after drinking his mother's milk.)

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