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Greater Faydark
Greater Faydark

Greater Faydark is a dense forest that was formerly home to pixies, drakes, brownies, and other mystical creatures. A few of these creatures remain, but much of the forest has been claimed by the immigrant elves. The high elves have built the extravagant Castle Felwithe to the southeast while the wood elves have built the wonderous city of Kelethin within the treetops of the forest. A winding trail from the Butcherblock Mountains to the west leads visitors to the region past Felwithe and to the lifts that take citizens to the city of Kelethin. Along the path are a set of massive spires marking the central teleport location for wizards coming to Faydwer. Small camps of bandits have been seen in the forest, but the true threat comes from the Crushbone orcs to the north. The orc pawns and other forest critters offer excellent training for the pupils of both elvish cities. Many of these young adventurers have complained to the higher ups of Kelethin though, as the guards often ignore cries for help. To the south lies a passage to the Lesser Faydark, which is where the majority of the fay moved when the elves arrived.

Neighboring Zones


Notable NPCs

  • Captain Silverwind
  • Centurion Relgle
  • Faelin Bloodbriar
  • Orc Arsonist

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