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    Greek Alphabet

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    The Greek alphabet is one of the oldest proper alphabets, having been in use since the 9th century B.C.

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    The Greek alphabet is the first and oldest alphabet that has vowels and consonants as separate symbols. It is the precursor to the Latin alphabet in common use today, and it derived from the Phoenician alphabet. Many of its letters are used in science and mathematics.

    Uppercase and Lowercase Forms
    NameLatin Alphabet Equivalent
    Α α 
     Alpha A
    Β β
     Beta B
    Γ γ
     Gamma G
    Δ δ
     Delta D
    Ε ε 
     Epsilon E
    Ζ ζ
     Zeta Z
    Η η
     Eta H
    Θ θ
     Theta Th
    Ι ι
     Iota I
    Κ κ
     Kappa K
    Λ λ
     Lambda L
    Μ μ
     Mu M
    Ν ν
     Nu N
    Ξ ξ
     Xi X
    Ο ο
     Omicron O
    Π π
     Pi P
    Ρ ρ
     Rho R
    Σ σ ς
     Sigma S
    Τ τ
     Tau T
    Υ υ
     Upsilon Y (U)
    Φ φ
    Phi F
    Χ χ
     Chi Kh
    Ψ ψ   Psi Ps
    Ω ω
     Omega O

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