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    Green Beret

    Character » appears in 6 games

    The Green Beret is an all-around character in the Commandos franchise.

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    Vital Statistics   

    Title: The Green Beret 
    Rank: Sergeant
    Place of Birth:
    Dublin (Chicago in other sources) 
    Country: Ireland (USA in other sources)
    Height: 6' 5 "
    Weight: 220lbs. 
    Special Abilities: Using a Decoy to lure enemies, silent killing with a combat knife, carrying dead bodies and barrels, digging himself in to sand and snow


    1934-37: US Judo Champion
    1937: Enlists in US Marines
    1938: Receives commendation for close-combat skills
    1938: Reprimanded for severely beating four men in a New York bar
    1939: Condemned to 15 years' hard labor for knocking out superior during training exercise
    1940: Sentence commuted for enlisting with Commando Corps

    Military Record

    Operation on the Island of Vaagso:

    The Green Beret was promoted to sergeant for his heroism: cut off from his unit and without ammunition, he infiltrated a bunker and eliminated 16 soldiers before returning to the Allied lines.

    Incursion at Tmimi Airfield:

     He received the Distinguised Service medal for attacking a watchtower with a bayonet while under enemy fire. Despite receiving light wounds in one arm, he elimiated 15 enemy soldiers before his mates could assist him.

    Additional Info

    Extremely violent temper when provoked. Loves to read poetry for relaxation.
    Discipline is less than stellar. Afraid of dogs.
    Great calm and initiative while in stressful combat situations.
    Very fit individual who excels in close combat. Lethal skill with all bladed weapons.    
    The Green Beret uses his pistol single-handedly, and is still as accurate as any member of the team wielding it double-handedly.
    The Green Beret can carry bodies, barrels, and can hide bodies under barrels.
    Despite being the largest and heaviest of his team, he is also the fastest.
    The Green Beret can climb walls and even mountains using his bare hands.

    Pointless Nitpicking

     On the cover of Commandos : Behind Enemy Lines, he is shown aiming a nickel plated Smith & Wesson 5904, which is impossible since the game takes place during  World War 2, and the 5904 was introduced in the fifties...

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