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    Green Earth

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    In the Advance Wars universe, Green Earth is the homeland of commanding officers Eagle, Drake, Jess and Javier.

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    Green Earth is a peaceful, self-contained nation in world of Advance Wars, Wars World. Although normally a peaceful country, Green Earth features a sizable military force ready to engage in self-defense in case of any threatened invasion. Like the other nations of Wars World, Green Earth's armed forces are led by a group of COs, each with his or her own strengths and weaknesses. Eagle, the assumed leader of Green Earth, specializes in aerial combat and leads the country's prestigious air force. Drake, a naval officer, excels in maritime warfare. Tank commander Jess is skilled at directing vehicular units, while ordained knight Javier is proficient at defensive warfare and use of com towers.

    In addition to differences in command styles the COs of Green Earth often have conflicting opinions about how to achieve military goals. This often leads to heated arguments prior to missions of who is to take command of a given battle or even whether participating in a fight is necessary or beneficial.

    The nations of Advance Wars are said to draw inspiration from real-world locations. While Orange Star is compared to the U.S., Blue Moon to Russia, and Yellow Comet to Japan, Green Earth is said to bear resemblance to mainland Europe.

    Advance Wars

    Before the events of the first Advance Wars game, Green Earth is besieged by an unprovoked surprise attack by a clone of the Andy, a CO from the then-friendly nation of Orange Star. The COs of Green Earth are unaware that the attack was orchestrated by a clone, and in revenge CO Eagle leads Green Earth's forces in a counterattack against Orange Star. Oblivious to the attack on Green Earth and trying to prosecute another war against Blue Moon, Orange Star is taken aback by Eagle's assaults but overcomes his assaults numerous times.

    Drake then begins to have suspicions about the validity of Green Earth's war with Orange Star. Although Eagle is at first skeptical of Drake's suspicions, he is later convinced to investigate the true causes of the war. After a final showdown with Orange Star, Eagle confronts Andy with his suspicions that Andy attacked his country. After convincing Eagle that Andy was not responsible, the two nations come to the realization that a clone of Andy has been responsible for sparking conflict throughout Wars World. The countries then band together to defeat the clone and the organization responsible for its creation, Black Hole. It is confirmed that Black Hole's leader Sturm had engineered the war between Orange Star and Green Earth in preparation for a coup for world domination .

    Black Hole Rising

    In Advance Wars 2, Black Hole returns and orchestrates a simultaneous invasion of all the countries of Wars World. The invasion of Green Earth is led by Sturm's second-in-command, Hawke, who almost defeats the Green Earth army. However, after Black Hole's invasions of the other nations are thwarted, the COs of Green Earth lead a counterattack to regain control of their country. Green Earth's campaign is hindered slightly by internal debates among COs Eagle and Jess, with disputes constantly needed to be mediated by Drake. Nonetheless, with aid from the other nations, the COs of Green Earth retake control of their country's territories and defeats Hakwe in a climactic showdown at Black Hole's final Factory. The Green Earth campaign is the last and most difficult campaign of AW2.

    Dual Strike

    Black Hole returns again in Advance Wars DS, seizing the continent of Omega Land. This time, the four nations of Wars World including Green Earth formally unite to form the Allied Nations. This alliance launches a campaign to retake Omega Land from Black Hole. At first the only COs available from Green Earth are Jess and Javier, but when reinforcements are requested Eagle joins the fight; Drake remains in the Green Earth motherland to assist in its recovery from the destruction caused by Black Hole during the previous war.


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