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The Green Lantern's Light Shines Brighter Than You Might Expect 3

Green Lantern is a movie tie-in game related to the soon to be released movie of the same name. However like many movie-based games, Green Lantern doesn't rehash or retell the plot of the movie but simply takes place in the same established universe. While there is nothing truly original about its parts, the execution is surprisingly fun and something I am not at all disappointed in experiencing. Green Lantern is basically derived from a formula neither new nor expired:there are lots of bad guys...

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Best Movie Game in a While 0

This is the best movie tie-in game in a few years. This is also damning with faint praise. When your competition consists of a terrible Harry Potter shooter by EA, Sega's assorted crimes against Marvel movies, Battle: Los Angeles, etc, being the best is not exactly an accomplishment of the highest order. And that it is a DC game always leaves me concerned (thinking of all Superman games, Batman games outside of Arkham Asylum, Aquaman, etc). DC properties are notoriously bad at being turned into ...

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Still amazed this game doesn't suck. 0

Originally written 9-26-11The Guardians of the Universe once created a group of robotic intergalactic policemen called the Manhunters. They proved to be too violent and weren't easy to control. As a result, they were exiled, and the Guardians decided to form another force called the Green Lantern Corp. Now, the Manhunters have returned and are seeking revenge by beginning a full scale war with the Guardians and the Green Lanterns. Newest Green Lantern from Earth, Hal Jordan, joins the fight and ...

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Not the one ring to rule them all 1

If your going to ripoff any game, it might as well be the best of the last few years. That was probably the thought going though the developers head when they were handed the reigns to green lantern. With so much game play ripped from the God of War series and a rich history of characters were could it all go wrong, bit it did.The games opens with the funeral of amur son, the alien who’s death transferred the ring to Hal Jordan. Within seconds an siege of robots called the manhunter start to att...

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