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    Greendog: The Beached Surfer Dude!

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released September 1992

    One dude's quest to rid himself of an ill-begotten cursed pendant using the power of a lost Aztec treasure.

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    Greendog the Beached Surfer Dude! was released in the U.S. for the Sega Genesis on December 7, 1992. It was developed by Interactive Designs and published by Sega. A Game Gear version of the title was released subsequently.


    Greendog, a surfer dude, was surfing in the Caribbean islands when an unusually large wave wipes him out. He emerges from the water with a mysterious golden pendant wrapped around his neck, one that cannot be removed. Greendog's bikini clad surfer girlfriend Bambi observes the scene from nearby, and explains to our hero that he must now traverse six different islands in order to obtain six lost pieces of an Aztec treasure if he intends on lifting the curse. Unfortunately, the curse turns everyone he comes in contact with against him in his quest. Greendog is also unable to surf until he removes the necklace.

    After his grueling journey across the islands comes to a close, Greendog lifts his curse using the surfboard of the Ancients. He then surfs the night sky, while Bambi watches from ashore. She is happy yet aware that the treasure's true power has yet to be unleashed, and Greendog's story has only just begun. No follow-up to Greendog was ever produced.


    A surfer dude that has seen better days
    A surfer dude that has seen better days

    The game plays much like other 16-bit side scrolling platformers and is remembered more fondly for its setting and character than its control. His main weapon is a Frisbee, which is used for both long and short range attacks. Levels contain an area of location based side scrolling, followed by Aztec temples that hold dangerous terrain and puzzles. Greendog will then ride his cart copter in order to travel between islands. On some levels, such as Grenada or Jamaica, Greendog gets to travel by either skateboarding or rollerblading.

    Health items drop frequently in the form of fast food items and desserts. Special items such as the ability to temporarily stop time or equip Greendog with an umbrella hat are often found as well. Collecting both increases the overall score for the player, which is constantly displayed in the game's HUD along with damage, lives remaining, and up to four queued special items.

    Greendog's soundtrack features a dynamic mix of Calypso and Caribbean themes.

    The six islands in the game include:

    • Grenada (Jungle)
    • Mustique (Beach)
    • Curacao (Underwater)
    • Jamaica (City)
    • Saba (Native Village)
    • St. Vincent (Cave)

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