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    Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Nov 16, 2004

    A first-person paintball game for the Xbox, bringing a more realistic take on the shooting sport of paintball with a cover system, multiple tactical maneuvers, and numerous real-life pros, locales, and gear.

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    Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball is first-person paintball game developed by WXP and published by Activision Value Publishing for the Xbox in North America on November 16, 2004, with a European release on March 24, 2005.

    Unlike Activision's earlier Extreme PaintBrawl series, Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball brings a more realistic take on the shooting sport of paintball, and features numerous real-life professional players, fields, gear, and sponsors. It features a celebrity tie-in with professional paintball player Greg Hastings, and received three sequels: (Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball MAX'D, NPPL Championship Paintball 2009, and Greg Hastings' Paintball 2.

    Along with its 7-on-7 online multiplayer via Xbox Live and its single-player career mode, the game is known for its limited visor vision, multiple tactical abilities (including leaning behind cover, glancing to the side, and diving to prone), the ability to switch weapon hands on-the-fly, and for the "Cheat Meter" (where players who are hit are given a quick opportunity to wipe the paint off, allowing them to continue normally while risking disqualification for cheating).

    Game Modes

    Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball has two primary modes of play, Single Player Career Mode and Multiplayer Online via Xbox Live or System Link.

    Single Player

    Tournament Play

    There are three types of tournaments to compete in:

    • Elimination: The player competes until one team has been eliminated
    • Center Flag: Points are scored by eliminating opponents, being the first team to grab the flag located in the center of the field, and finally hanging the flag at the opposing team's start box
    • Capture the flag: Similar to Center Flag, however each team has a flag located at their start box. Players must retrieve the opposing team's flag and return it to back to their own start box to end the match.

    Tournament Scoring:

    First flag grab20 points
    Flag hang50 points
    3-on-3 match

    7 points for each elimination

    3 points for each survivor

    5-on-5 match

    4 points for each elimination

    2 points for each survivor

    7-on-7 match

    3 points for each elimination

    1 point for each survivor

    Single Player Tournaments

    • Pev's Paintball
    • Northwest Challenge
    • Skirmish Paintball
    • Splatter Park Paintball
    • SC Village
    • Ultimate Madness
    • Urban Open
    • California Open
    • Island Open
    • Desert Open
    • Florida Open
    • Tampa Bay Open
    • Rocky Mountain Open
    • English Open
    • Pennsylvania Open
    • German Open
    • Huntington Beach Open
    • French Open
    • Japanese Open

    Multiplayer Tournaments

    • PEV'S Large Woods Field
    • Rooftop

    Character Skills

    During the Single Player Career Mode the player develops a unique character, team and inventory of equipment. As the player completes tournaments they're awarded experience points that can be spent developing their character's skills. Experience points are based on the players performance and are accrued by completing Eliminations, Flag Grabs, Flag Hangs, and by winning Rounds, Matches and Tournaments. The skills to be developed are:


    • Level 1: Speed increase + turbo time increase
    • Level 2: Speed increase + additional turbo time increase
    • Level 3: Speed increase + turbo replenish increase
    • Level 4: Speed increase + additional turbo replenish increase


    • Level 1: Increase your targeting accuracy by 10%
    • Level 2: Increase your targeting accuracy by 20%
    • Level 3: Increase your targeting accuracy by 30%
    • Level 4: Increase your targeting accuracy by 40%

    Marker Skill

    • Level 1: Increase snap range by 15%
    • Level 2: Increase snap range by 30%
    • Level 3: Switch marker hands 20% faster
    • Level 4: Switch marker hands 40% faster


    • Level 1: More efficient at reloading - 70% of pod
    • Level 2: More efficient at reloading - 90% of pod
    • Level 3: Faster and more efficient at reloading - 100% of pod
    • Level 4: Moving while reloading is possible

    The Gear


    There are over twenty Paintgun Markers in the game from manufacturers including JT, Tippmann, Kingman, Odyssey, WGP, and Dye. Each individual marker has different weight, speed and accuracy ratings.


    Players can customize their markers with individual barrels. Barrels will further increase the accuracy of the shots fired with Markers.


    There are 5 different hoppers to choose from including gravity feed, electronic aligator and belt drive. Each hopper increases the number of paintballs loaded into the marker.

    Air Systems

    Air systems provide Markers with the power they need to fire paintballs at high velocity. The larger the air tank, the more paintballs that can be fired.


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